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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android and enjoy the latest changes related to powder snow, mountain goats and several other technical improvements.

What’s New in MCPE

Generally, all the latest updates of Minecraft are about fixing bugs and optimising gameplay along with its graphics. This release is no exception, but there is something interesting and new in this update of Minecraft PE


Nether Update introduced a variety of strange sounds along with effects. Some of them are loud and weird and some are not, but the main concern is that these sounds are beyond your controllance.

Players had only two choices to customize the sound and music. Additionally, MCPE features completely overhauled sound settings.

If Piglins and Hoglins are grunting too loud and you are getting irritated then you know you can easily make them shut. And If the Noteblocks and Jukeboxes are making too much noise then you have to deal with Music Blocks.

Lastly, we can say that Minecraft PE has gotten more comfortable in terms of sound effects controllance.


The Mojang Team is ready to unleash the excellent ability of the Caves & Cliffs update. As a matter of fact, there is already something jumpy, exciting, and funky in a way.

It comes out that MCPE introduced goats to the game. This quiet  mob inhabits the mountains. You can easily find them when you reach the mountains.

Hence, users got more options to explore these howling and frozen territories. Moreover, a player can even milk goats if they could not spot any cows around.

Powder Snow

Minecraft PE has another amazing block to show off. Powder Snow is one of the mountains’ exclusive characteristics to come in the next update.

It’s a little bit different from ordinary snow. Powder Snow seems stable, but in reality, you can fall through it. Thus it will play an important role in mischievous contraptions.

However, there’s always an antidote to everything. Wearing leather boots in MCPE will enable you to walk on the powder snow.

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