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Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android as it has got several significant enhancements and a variety of little changes like there is a freezing system now.

What’s New in MCPE

The Nether Update has come to an end, and therefore Mojang developers are already working hard to bring new features to the beloved sandbox survival game.

For example, Minecraft PE version has a ton of mountain goat enhancement, and some of them are even related to powder snow.

Moreover, the game’s performance and stability improved a lot. Its gameplay is now much more welcoming and enjoyable than it was before.


The most thrilling part of the MCPE version is powder snow as it’s a trap block in the game. It means a player can actually build real contraptions either to hunt someone down or protect themselves from something.

A player can even freeze to death lying for too long in powder snow. Users will start seeing freezing particles around their screen as a sign of upcoming departure.

Also, you must remember that shovels cannot help you to obtain this block. It turns out Mojang Studios has decided to make it in buckets only.

Henceforth, you can grab some buckets of powder snow now. Moreover, it naturally generates exclusively in the mounts, there had to be another way to obtain it in Minecraft PE version.


Also, developers also featured some mob improvements in the game. For instance, tiny baby goats no longer jump as high as their parents do in MCPE version.

Besides this, goats could be triggered by armor stands. Once they saw those lifeless creatures, they started attacking them, which was obviously an error in the game

Furthermore, users can no longer get more than two goat horns from one species since they generally have only one pair in the game

As you can see, Minecraft PE version has a lot of optimization done thanks to the dedicated and patient team in Stockholm.

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