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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android and find mountain goats improvements, the freezing feature, and several others features as well.

What’s New in MCPE

Although Mojang Studios has already rolled out the Nether Update, you may already have experienced some of the Caves & Cliff Update’s highlights.

However, make sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay in the game in order to let goats, powder snow, and more break into your game.

Switch on “Caves & Cliffs Features” in the Setting menu in Minecraft PE version.


We had powder snow before, but a player could only build some contraptions with it. However, players did not know the exact potential of powder snow before.

The latest update shows that the longer you stay in the powder snow, the more you freeze, and ultimately you’ll die faster in MCPE You must get out as quickly as possible from powder snow to remain alive. It works with other mobs as well as powder snow freezes other mobs also.

Anyone can also get cold and eventually perish from the Minecraft world. However, there’s a secret way of fighting it. If you or a random zombie wears something that is made up of leather then you’ll either get cold and also won’t take any freezing damage at all.

As a consequence, snowflakes and snowy effects will fill your screen with snow once you get stuck in powder snow. That must be understood now how much warmth you’ve to get in Minecraft PE


On the other side, mountain goats now became wiser. These outrageous creatures no longer jump too high or too low. Besides this, kids’ goats do not jump as far as their parents’ goats.

Plus, goats lose their pathways because of grass or flower in the previous version but in MCPE this problem is no more.

As you can see, Mojang Studios tries its best to make sandbox survival even better. And with each update, they never forget to introduce something new in the game.

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