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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs for Android with a working Xbox Live as it has got some new features like making friends with cute axolotls, going into the mines to search for deep slate, and harvesting glowing lichen.

What’s New in Minecraft PE

In this released version of Minecraft, users can observe so many changes that relate not only to the gameplay but also to the technical elements of the game.

For instance, some additions of Mountains and Caves, unique mobs and characters, even bosses, began to appear in the world.

The generation of most structures also has changed in underground rooms and caves in the game. These locations have interesting biomes, like Lush Caves and Dark Depths. In some places, the area will be completely covered with a variety of vegetation and this is another interesting feature of this update.


Traveling around the world of Minecraft PE version, the user may stumble upon small but very friendly creatures called axolotls. These mobs only live in water as land is dangerous for them and can lead to a quick death. Due to their peaceful and friendly nature, axolotls will try to help the player, especially if he is in trouble.

Thus, axolotls inflict a generation effect on the player, heal fatigue, and scare off enemies. In Minecraft PE version, there are nine color options for the mob, the rarest of them is blue.

Deep Slate

This block is generated deep beneath the ground in the upper world. In Minecraft version, slate is very similar to stone as these blocks have the same strength properties and a dark texture.

When utilizing a pickaxe on a slate, it will drop to the player as an item. The block can also be burned to produce crushed shale in the game.

Glowing Lichen

Glowing lichens are another thrilling feature of the Minecraft PE version. The plant has several interesting properties like it emits level 7 lights and can be grown using bone meal in the game. Lichen appears on these blocks like earth, stone, calcite, drip, and tuff.

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