Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live on Android as this has got features like mine deepslate, use glowing berries to restore health, and meet new axolotl friends in the game.

What’s Interesting in Minecraft PE

This new version of Minecraft PE will definitely amaze players with its various new elements like characters, blocks, craft, features, fixes. For example, the game’s performance, stability and technical component of the game have been improved.

The Mojang developers have done a tremendous job in improving overall game aspects.

The generation of the world in Minecraft PE has also changed, especially the caves and mountains. Users can enjoy the Caves & Cliffs update’s features, meet new mobs, and play with them in the game.


These peaceful creatures in Minecraft PE version are found entirely in water. If these creatures are taken out of the water, they will instantly receive fatal damage and will eventually die. While in the water, a player can also get surrounded by a crowd of enemies like drowned zombies.

But these cute axolotls will come to help you underwater. These mobs will attempt to safeguard the player and protect him against enemy attacks. In addition, in Minecraft version, axolotls can apply a regeneration effect and relieve tiredness in the game.

Glowing Lichen

A player can find glowing lichen in the caves in Minecraft PE version. The plant is very apparent as light is emitted from its vines. The lichen can connect to blocks on all sides for say, in place of the roots, on the sides, and the upper part.

By using bone meal, it will help spread the lichen to the adjacent block. A user can only get this plant using scissors in the game.


In Minecraft version, deepslate is somehow similar to stone as its both blocks have a similar texture and strong properties. Usually, when mining, a full-fledged block does not fall out, just its crushed version. In order to get deepslate as a whole object, the fragments must be fired in a furnace in the game.

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