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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live as it has friendly axolotls to restore health, growing berries and also unique food sources.

What’s New in MCPE

Minecraft PE spouts an abundance of several gameplay details in the game. The Mojang developers have tried to assure that there are no more global silly bugs and errors during the gameplay.

In addition to that, new biomes have got their entry in the vastness of the MCPE version.

Many of the locations will definitely be going to amaze players with various items including, blocks and mobs. Some items even unlock new techniques and crafting recipes.


The axolotl is a peaceful and friendly creature from Minecraft PE version. These mobs live only in marine biomes. Therefore, if they remain on land, it will begin to attain damage. In order to protect a player, axolotls can attack other mobs.

With their friendly behavior, axolotls will try to protect the user from enemy attacks. In rare cases, the player will even be cured of fatigue and a regeneration effect will be applied in the game with the help of Axolotl.

Glowing Berries

These berries are easy to find in underground rooms because of their assigning size and the light originating from their vines. In MCPE version, the number of fruits that one vine can hold is five pieces. And the maximum number of units of hunger that can be restored is three in the game.

Also, using bone meal on vines will definitely gonna speed up the crop production process.


Tuff is one of the solid blocks that is introduced in the new version of Minecraft PE Usually, this object arises in mineral deposits of materials. With the help of tuff, a player can find such blocks as gold, iron, and copper in the game.

Now, there is only one use for tuff and that is the arrangement of the player’s buildings or decoration. This item can also be used for special decoration on the ground.

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