Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE apk the full version of the Caves & Cliffs update for Android with a working Xbox Live and get to know the new secret world and its features.

What’s New in Minecraft

A day after the second release of Caves & Cliffs, Mojang Studios devs released another update. There are several fascinating innovations in Minecraft PE

In addition, the developers have also tried to fix some minor bugs. For this, the game has now become much more stable.


Spyglass has been an interesting object in Minecraft With its help, a player can observe what is happening in the distance. You just have to climb some kind of hill.

After that, a huge area will be in the user’s view. To use the telescope, a player needs to squeeze it over a space.

It is also worth noting that this item has a unique animation in Minecraft version. But to see this animation, a user needs to play in third-person mode.

To craft a telescope, you will need two copper ingots and one amethyst shard within the game.


In the Minecraft update, a player can now celebrate some events. After all, the game now allows you to place candles on the cake.

There are a total of 17 color variations for this block. To craft a candle, you will have to use a honeycomb and a string.

By combining a regular candle with a dye in a workbench, a user can dye this candle. It is also worth noting that a user can get a honeycomb with scissors. To achieve this, you will have to use scissors on the bee’s nest in the game


In Minecraft Bedrock it will not be possible to instantly extract an ingot from ore. When mining iron, copper or gold ore, shards will definitely fall out. These shards can then be turned into an ingot in the game.

To achieve this, they must be melted in a furnace within the game. Furthermore, ingots can be connected and receive blocks. Thus, the user can save a large amount of space in the backpack.

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