Download Minecraft PE 1.17.32 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.32 for Free
Download Minecraft PE 1.17.32 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.32 for Android with a working Xbox Live in order to meet the new Render Dragon graphics engine and the stony peaks biome in the game.

What’s New in Minecraft PE 1.17.32

In this new Minecraft update 1.17.32, the Mojang Studios devs have introduced even more elements. For instance, a player can find a biome of rocky peaks, an updated graphics engine, and new items in the game.

Thanks to all these changes in the Caves & Cliffs Update of this game, it will now be possible to diversify the gameplay in the cube world.


The main feature of the entire Minecraft PE 1.17.32 update is inaugurating a new cube world generation system. Now the mountains are taller and more dangerous, and the caves are deeper and livelier following this update.

Among the changes, players can find several new types of caves and an increased height of the mountains.

However, with the advent of new chips, several bugs have also appeared. One of them was the snow-capped mountains in the middle of the jungle biome in the game. Minecraft 1.17.32 version has a unique territory called rocky peaks, which corrects this bug.

Graphics Engine

In Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.32, the graphics engine of the game has been updated. Render Dragon is now used in the game.

With its help, the development team from Mojang Studios and various modders will be able to further improve and change the appearance and graphics of the game. However, for ordinary players, practically nothing new will appear in the game.


Spyglass is a small item that is very easy to craft even in survival mode, but this will be useful for all those users who explore the world of Minecraft 1.17.32.

To create, you need to use 1 amethyst shard and 2 copper ingots. A spyglass will allow you to get a good look at what is 100 blocks away.

Stony Peaks

As previously mentioned, the stony peaks biome has appeared in Minecraft 1.17.32 version. This biome has high mountains in the game. However, instead of the usual snow, the user will see only stones and gravel here.

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