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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE with working Xbox Live as the long-awaited update now completely changes the cube world with changes in sculk blocks, spyglass, stony peaks biome, and other gameplay changes.

What’s New in Minecraft

The development team at Mojang Studios have started to release a global update for Caves & Cliffs.

This time, the devs decided to please their fans with a huge list of changes and creations in Minecraft PE

Now each user will try to explore a large number of biomes and structures using new ways.

Sculk Blocks

Now, the Mojang studio decided to introduce new blocks into the Minecraft version. They can now be found in the deep dark biome.

Deep Dark is a difficult place in the cube world of the Sandbox.

Sculk blocks in Minecraft PE version are used to create wireless networks. Also, they are dark blocks with turquoise hues, which also have some interesting animation.

When moving around such blocks, a rather strange sound will be emitted, as well as a signal also in the game.

Music Tracks

Minecraft version has formulated a surprise for music lovers. Several new music tracks have also appeared in the game at once. In order to listen to them, a user must use a jukebox.

Render Dragon

At the same time, Mojang Studios devs have carried out global work to change the graphics engine for Minecraft PE version.

Render Dragon is a development of the Swedish team, which provides many benefits for enhancing the visual part of this sandbox cube world.

Stony Peaks

Another important change in Minecraft Caves and Mountains is the introduction of a new biome known as stony peaks.

Devs have added this location to provide opportunities to its users so that they can explore this game more. And also, they have promised to add even more interesting places for players to explore.

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