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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE with working Xbox Live in order to meet with the new dangerous boss, and explore dark cave holes in the game following this update.

What’s New in Minecraft PE

As the Mojang developers said, Minecraft PE has even more gadgets ahead of it. The expansion continues in the general cave also.

This time the user will be able to explore several new locations such as rocky and snowy peaks, mountain groves and meadows, and snow slopes.

In addition to this, each of MCPE locations is inhabited by some special dwellers.

Mountain goats will help a user to find the desired area and explore it in detail.

Limestone Caves

It is now become possible to visit the new location in Minecraft version. Limestone caves are generated deep underground and that’s why it is so dangerous there.

The pitch-black darkness makes it difficult to move, thus slowing down the whole process of research in the game there.

Stalagmites blossom on the floor of the cave, while stalagmites can be seen on the ceiling. The IV cluster collapses easily and can cause irreparable damage to the player in MCPE version.

Skulk Block

A skulk block sensor is a special unit that helps Warden to track the user’s location. The block emits soft signals and also glows a little in the dark.

In Minecraft PE version, there are several different sensors. For example, sensors, veins, catalysts, screams, etc. Blocks differ from each other only by their appearance, but they all have the same properties in the game.

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