Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live for free and get informed about the new and updated cube world following this update.

What’s New in Minecraft

Mojang Studios devs have started releasing a new sandbox version. There are many exciting creations in Minecraft version. Also, the devs did not forget about fixing important errors.

New Effect

It is worth noting the appearance of a new effect in Minecraft version known as the darkness effect. This effect is very identical to blindness, but it has some key distinctions.

It does not completely constrain the eyesight, but it darkens the player’s screen. This means that with this effect, the view significantly worsens but does not disappear completely.

Sculk Blocks

In Minecraft Bedrock version, new types of sculk blocks have appeared such as vein block, catalyst block, and shrieker block.

Along with this, this sandbox game has also got an acoustic sensor. It grabs vibrations generated by movement and, in doing so, activates sculk shrieker blocks in the game.

However, this block imposes a darkness effect on the player and can make a very loud noise. Sculk catalyst blocks spread regular sculk blocks near the mob’s death revenge.

The number of blocks depends on the amount of experience that drops out when the mob dies in the game following this update.

Vanilla Experiments

Minecraft version has goat horns and an acoustic sensor now. However, their functionality has not yet been fully enforced by the Mojang devs.

Accordingly, they decided to add them to the experimental game mode on a temporary basis.

And to take advantage of these innovations, a player will have to activate the Vanilla Experiments option in the game


For music lovers, Minecraft update will especially please. While playing the game in survival mode in the ordinary world, the user can listen to new tracks.

In addition to this, a new music disk “Otherside” has also been introduced in the game. A player can find it in the chests of the fortress corridors.

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