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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live in order to block the signals of rolling blocks with wool and experience darkness in deep caves following this update.

What’s New in Minecraft

Players can get notified of all the novelties of the game on their own. After all, now in vanilla mode, all those previously available functions are only available in experimental mode.

Moreover, in Minecraft version, there is an obvious improvement in the visual, generation, and filling of rooms in the game.

This is not shocking as the second part of the mountain and cave update proceeds with the improvements related to bulky structures.

At the lower levels of the map, a player can also meet new opponents, and rocky hills will delight them with marvelous landscapes.


If you haven’t had enough variety in Minecraft version for a long time, then try altering the music on the main screen.

It’s great that the Mojang devs have added new songs to the store. The melodies will go well with the enhanced menu interface.

Sculk Blocks

It is worth noting that in Minecraft version, sculk blocks are filled with caves. Further, different types of these great cubes are scattered all over the Minecraft world.

Some of the blocks can even emit light, and some fully react to the user, not giving him a chance to go unnoticed in the game.

In addition to this, there are also useful sculk blocks. For instance, veins and catalysts are well complemented by Redstone.

Thus, the player will receive new options for schemes that will work in the same way as the normal ones. Shrieker blocks also deserve some special attention after this update.

These objects in Minecraft version are the most harmful. When a user is found, they start making loud and horrible sounds.

A distinct feature of the cube is the manifestation of rings upon activation. Therefore, be careful if you notice such a peculiar sensor nearby.

These signals attract all evil spirits, which can cause unforeseen difficulties in the game for you.

Dark Effect

Another complication in Minecraft update is the appearance of darkness. The effect of darkness is applied if the user wanders around poorly lit areas for too long.

A player can also get this effect from the sculk shrieker when it is activated. The darkness impairs visibility in the proximity that complicates the process of exploring the world.

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