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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE and enjoy the latest update to make your gaming experience better. As it is one of the most popular game you can have tons of mods to make Minecraft an interesting game.

What’s new in Minecraft

The Mojang development team always tries to enhance the gameplay by adding new features and details for playing a role in the cubic world.

In Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs Part 2, the developers of the game have worked hard on correcting bugs and improving the textures. Also, they had added some additional changes to the behavior of the mobs.

New textures

The textures and graphics of numerous items in Minecraft are revised making it look more realistic. Various variants of doors, signs, bonfire of the soul, frames, a berry vine, and so many others have obtained some new look.

Swamp Inhabitants

On the extent of Minecraft version, swamps often appear, and there are several inhabitants in them. Among all of them, you can notice the population of frogs, which pretty much looks like real life frog that grows out of the tadpoles.

The developers tried their best to make sure that the behaviour of the tadpoles looks realistic. For example, If the tadpole is on land, it jumps for a while, and then it dies.

By the way, if you wish, you can also catch the tadpoles with an ordinary bucket.

Frogs have the ability to swim, jump and walk on land, making them an interesting mob in Minecraft  In addition, amphibians lay eggs. Mature frogs live in different biomes, so the individuals’ appearances may differ from each other.

There are so many additions from the Mojang team in the Minecraft PE version. Among them is a pearl froglight, which looks more like green, purple, the same block, and a similar ochre.

For getting a new block, you need a frog near the magma cube. When the swamp mob eats the cube, a froglight block will fall out of it.

Other changes

Village life is also constantly getting better and better in each update. For example, in Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs Part 2 rural merchants no longer voice their refusal when you don’t have a deal. The emerald icon above the residents’ heads during trading has also disappeared.

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