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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE to make your Minecraft gaming level better as it has brought some changes from the previous update.

Let’s have a look at what’s new on Minecraft Apk.

What’s new in Minecraft

The Mojang team developers continue to improve the gaming graphics. The latest released edition of Minecraft PE brings players to the new mobs. It opens up additional features and access to unique blocks, improving the gameplay.


Block has also been updated by having a rare glowing block of froglight that appeared in Minecraft PE in three shades: green, pearl, and ochre that looks extremely extraordinary.

To get the froglight, you need to attract the frog with magma and wait. After waiting for some time, the amphibian will share a valuable block with the player.

One of the blocks responds to sound waves, so it can be something like an auditory trap. You can also weaken the effect with the help of wool.


Amphibians still inhabit the swamp biomes of Minecraft The animation of these mobs has altered a bit by improving its texture. They can now jump like a real frog and look more realistic in general.

In addition to frogs, there are tadpoles in the swamps. They swim only in water because they cannot be on land. These are the changes updated in Minecraft version

Other Changes

Some other change that the Mojang team has refined is the gameplay in terms of destruction. Now in Minecraft, it is calculated precisely accurately, and the amount of damage caused by some mobs has also changed a bit.

There was also an improvement in Steve’s movements. In creative mode, the player can climb and descend the stairs without stopping. And, if a player leaves the game while he is in lava, then he will be in the same place when he returns to the Minecraft world.

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