Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live in order to try the recovery compass and the new game mode with this latest update.

What’s New in Minecraft

The Mojang Studios developers have fixed some errors in previous versions. They also have added new elements to the inventory.

One of the most special things is the recovery compass. The functionality of Warden has also been improved in Minecraft version.

Echo Shard

In Minecraft PE version a new item is introduced without which it is impossible to create a compass. To find it, users should have to go down to the Ancient City.

The echo shard will spawn in the chests in the Ancient City in the game.

Recovery Compass

Recover Compass is a new version of the compass. It shows the place where the Minecraft version player died in the game.

As this is a new item, it is at the stage of completion or you can say in beta mode. Now it displays the direction only in the dimension where the player died within the game.

To craft it, the user will need eight echo shards and a regular compass in the game.


The animation of this mob has also been improved. Pain effect is now added when he is taking damage in the game.

Also, the Mojang developers have updated the arms and chest of the mob in MCPE.

When Warden gets furious, he instantly starts attacking the users.

If a Minecraft PE user creates Warden in the creative mode of the game, the effect of darkness will not be imposed on that player.

Spectator Mode

In this version, the Mojang developers have officially confirmed the observer mode in this sandbox game. There is no button for switching modes for now.

To activate the observer mode, Minecraft players need to use the /gamemode 6 command in the game.


The sound of the goat horn has also been modified. Now it is heard instantly. However, the Copper Horn has now been removed from the inventory of the game.

Also, devs have added a soundtrack of frog eggs and froglight. Everyone’s favorite Allay restores two units of health per second in the game now.

Furthermore, now the Minecraft PE user has access to a recipe for crafting a mangrove boat with a chest in the game.

The function of changing objects on boats is also available now. When using touch controls, they can be changed in the quick access panel within the game.


A bug has also been fixed and now falling blocks display correctly as they replace. The plates can also be installed without restrictions in the game.

The Deepslate no longer responds to the Pistons within the game following this update.

Furthermore, the Sculk Shrieker does not react to red dust. However, if it is activated, it will be impossible to cancel the Warden’s call in the game

The Minecraft user needs to be careful about nature. Gravity blocks now destroy plants when falling down.

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