Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live in order to find out about warden and also discover some other features of this update.

What’s New in Minecraft

Mojang Studios developers are continuously working on fixing bugs and adding new game elements to this popular sandbox game.

And Minecraft PE update is no exception to that. New items, solid blocks, and updated mobs functionality have appeared in the game now


This scary and hostile mob has received new features in Minecraft PE update.

Now he has a great sniff and hearing power. However, if he finds a target, the function is disabled for him for now.

If a player pushes Warden, he will get furious and attack the user in the game.

Now he has the opportunity to attack from a distance thanks to sound waves. The sound attack deals a lot of damage to the player and throws it away. If Steve defeats Warden, he gets experience.

The amount of gained experience has been edited and falls out correctly.


Minecraft PE developers worked a bit more for frogs. Now they create the right sound when their health decreases in the game.

To lure the tadpoles, players should use Slime. The visual of the button responsible for transferring items to Allay has also been improved.


If a user goes on a trip to an ancient city and finds chests there, he must go there with Echo Shards. This is a new element by which a Minecraft PE user can create a recovery compass.

It will indicate the place of the player’s death accurately within the game. A bug has now been fixed in which the Soul Lantern hovered in the air of an ancient city.


Also, the Minecraft PE developers have also fixed bugs related to building blocks in the game. The light block is no longer smashed by water within the game following this update.

Reinforced Deepslate has become stronger and the Ender Dragon and the Wither cannot break it now with this update.

Also, this building material now arises in the very center of the ancient city in the game

Items made of clay bricks are displayed correctly in inventory slots now in the game.

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