Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live to learn more about the new game mode, and discover some additional features in the game.

What’s New in Minecraft

The Mojang Studios developers have amused their users with the Minecraft PE Edition. They have also improved some game elements, also the developers offer users a new game mode.

Spectator Mode

In Minecraft version, the devs have added a new game mode that allows a player to fly around the world through all obstacles.

The Mojang devs have also added an experimental switch to the world creation menu following this update.

To activate the mode, a player just needs to enter the command /gamemode spectator in the game.

In that mode, the creatures do not notice the user. Also, the tension sensor does not work on players for now.

Music Disc 5

The devs of Minecraft PE version introduced a new version of the Music Disc in the game.

It is built from fragments of plate 5. A total of 9 pieces of such discs are needed to create it within the game.

Fragments of Disc 5 are found in the chests of the Ancient City in MCPE.


The developers of Minecraft version have finalized the Warden to introduce. Warden’s sonic attack got better. Instead of 30 units of damage, now he just deals with 10. Recharge is reduced to 2 seconds also.

Also, the Mob can pass through Armor and Shields. He now drops the Sculk Catalyst. His anger changes if a user distracts him a lot with bullets.

Error Corrections

The Mojang developers have also fixed more than 25 bugs in Minecraft PE version. Most of them regarding the Mangrove Swamp biome.

Mangrove shoots are not fertilized after maturation in the game. Mangrove trees cannot grow if there are blocks on their top.

Players can cut the foliage of mangrove trees with scissors.

Mangrove wood can be used for creating a smokehouse and lighting fires. The sound animation of the Sculk Blocks has also been fixed and now they make the correct sounds.

Also, the piston does not work at all on some Sculk Blocks. If a Minecraft PE user utilizes Bone Meal, he will be able to germinate Seedlings even in Mud.

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