Download Minecraft PE 1.2.2 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.2 Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE 1.2.2 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.2 Better Together for free on Android as this update has got numerous new blocks like banners and stained glass with parrots as unique pets in the game.

What’s New in MCPE 1.2.2

Mojang Developers have delivered a wide variety of tremendous features. For example, Minecraft PE 1.2.2 version has new pets to be tamed by millions of users worldwide.


The lush and vivid jungles of this sandbox survival have never been as optimistic as they are in MCPE 1.2.2 version. Cute feathered animals now chirp in between leaves giving a pleasant feel.

Parrots are cheerful and flamboyant friendly birds that exclusively inhabit jungles can be witnessed also. Moreover, most affectionate users are free to tame one in the game.

You can feed them any kind of seed. For example, melon, wheat, beetroot, or even pumpkin. Once tamed, parrots will show bright red hearts rising from their tiny bodies in Minecraft PE 1.2.2 version.

However, they won’t only cheer you up during your most dull and nondescript adventures but also guide and notify you about the approaching danger in the game.

Parrots will also mimic surrounding creatures’ sounds to warn their master about creepers, Endermen, zombies and spiders.

Also, parrots can even sit on your shoulder. If you have two pirate birds, both of your arms will be busy with cuties in MCPE 1.2.2 version.


Minecraft PE 1.2.2 version has also introduced jukeboxes and music discs. Mojang Dev’s declared parties can now take place in their creation. However, it’ll cost you a diamond for now.

You’ll need one to craft a jukebox. Besides this, players have to take care of music discs as well. These ancient scripts are generated in chests throughout different dimensions in MCPE 1.2.2 version.

Notwithstanding the above, if a skeleton shoots down a creeper, it’ll drop a music disc in the game. Insert one into a jukebox and have fun with your mates with your favourite track.

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