Download Minecraft PE 1.4.4 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.4
Download Minecraft PE 1.4.4

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.4 Update Aquatic for free on Android as it has more marine features and a variety of exciting things like shipwrecks and treasure hunting in the game.

What’s New in MCPE 1.4.4

Mojang Studios developers have announced that they are going to split the Update Aquatic into two different parts with new ocean biomes and fish releasing now and some other features like bubble columns and turtles will be released later.

As for now, we’ve already got plenty of thrilling elements to settle up and experiment with in the Minecraft PE 1.4.4 version.


There’s another astonishing sight within the reconstructed waters of the MCPE 1.4.4 version and that is a shipwreck. Back in the days, mariners were a bit afflicted to run into an iceberg or aground.

Now, a player, being a brave explorer, discovers their legacy, forgotten deep in the oceans. You can always carry a treasure map while exploring.

But there are indeed more items like bread, paper, books, enchanted ones, lapis lazuli, and a bunch of many more things in Minecraft PE 1.4.4 version.

Buried Treasures

Buried treasures now generate across the Overworld. However, a player won’t find them since they are buried after all. Still, you can do it by different methods.

It also appears that treasure maps can be found across the overhauled oceans in MCPE 1.4.4 version. Using these pieces of paper, a player can come across the very sandhill in the game.

It might also look a bit casual and ordinary, but it contains richness within it. Besides this, users should definitely grab some shovels since the process of digging out the whole island can get too backbreaking.

Sometimes the chest can also be generated underwater, so it’ll take a player lot of time in Minecraft PE 1.4.4.

A player may also be lucky and find a whole bunch of diamonds, iron and gold ingots, as well as a Heart of the Sea in the game

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