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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android as it has got some technical improvements and some bug fixes as well following this update.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang Studios devs have been working really hard to deliver the best gaming experience and are almost done with the Second roll out of Update Aquatic.

Minecraft PE version already features only bug fixes and some other technical issues resolving aspects. However, there are still some slight bugs that will be solved soon.

Experimental Gameplay

MCPE version has already featured some interesting things in the game. However, a player could only play with those through Experimental Gameplay that can be found in the Settings menu.

It has also got some improvement that does need through experimental gameplay. For instance, drowned spawn naturally in oceans forthwith with this update.

Also, Nautilus Shells and Tridents emerge now in Minecraft PE usually and above mentioned drowned drop those.

However, their drop chance is very low, so a player will has to hunt down multiple dozens of drowned zombies in order to get these.


This update has already mentioned that drowned can no longer swim in MCPE version. Following, they’ll simply sink down and lurk at the bottom of a lake, or an ocean.

Also, regular zombies, husks, and zombie villagers that lived underwater too long will eventually turn into drowned. These creatures can swim towards players in order to kill them.

However, all of these mobs, including wolves and ocelots, will also hunt turtle eggs.

They hate these reptiles and pleasantly destroy their eggs in Minecraft PE version.

Hatching Protected

You should protect these eggs from drowned creatures as they can help you through your gameplay. We all know that tortoises drop scutes when they grow up, but they have to hatch first.

A player is free to utilize these scutes to make himself a Turtle Helmet, or Shell, in MCPE version. This allows them to breathe underwater longer than they usually do.

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