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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android as it has got barrier blocks, pesky, and sometimes redundant amounts of phantoms in the game.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang Developers are still trying to bring all the content from their most massive update to this beautiful sandbox survival game. However, there are still a lot of elements missing.

Also, Minecraft PE version already possesses a plurality of different things, including new blocks and mobs.


This overhaul’s is the only block barrier in the game. At first, a player must point out that this structure is invisible, and they can’t get it in any two modes.

The barrier can only be obtained using the /give command in MCPE version. Still, once a player gets one, they can duplicate it in the Creative mode.

Ordinary players don’t utilize this block as much as map creators would.

It looks perfect for building adventure maps where players can leave the initial area and explore something they have not.

Therefore Mojang Studios devs have added this block, so map creators could restrict users’ movements on their creations in Minecraft PE version.

It’s an invisible block, so a barrier will not interfere with the general look of the structure. As a matter of fact, users cannot break barriers as well in the game.


This version also features some changes to old systems and items in the game. For example, TNT no longer hurts mobs and players if it’s exploded underwater in MCPE version.

Also, elytra are now fixed using a phantom membrane that drops from actual phantoms in the game.

Previously, you had to obtain leather to repair the so-called wings.

Another crucial addition is public servers on Nintendo Switch. All Minecraft PE version players on this platform can easily play with one another and even strangers on multiplayer hosts.

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