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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android as it has a lot of bug fixes, several enhancements, and phantoms with a potion of slow falling in the game.

What’s New in MCPE

Minecraft PE version got a few significant changes and some important advancements in the optimization of the game. Developers of Mojang Studios are working hard to make their game available on every platform and device to make this game accessible for everyone.


Mojang Studios devs have repaired some of the most troublesome facets of this cubic sandbox survival game. For example, some achievements that had vanished can once again be collected in Minecraft PE version.

Besides this, there is also a new status effect called Slow Falling that can be obtained from a potion made of the phantom membrane.


This update has also brought some block enhancements to the game making the building experience more enjoyable. For example, a barrier block has just been entered in this game. A player can use this to limit someone’s movements or trick their friends.

However, MCPE version players can get it only via the /give command since it’s not even in the Creative inventory. Also, barriers are different from other ordinary blocks.

It appears like it’s impossible to break and crack this. No matter how hard anyone tries, they’ll never be able to even shed a rift on it.

Besides this, regular users cannot even see a barrier in Minecraft PE version as it’s completely transparent. However, users can’t go through it and that’s why it’s called a Barrier.

It blocks ways and no one should even try visiting. It comes in handy to the map builders whose creations are so big and have many ways to go, but they wouldn’t want users to go there as this block will block their ways too.

A player neither sees them nor destroys them and that makes it perfect for those cases in MCPE version.

Furthermore, there’s a way to notice a barrier block and for that, a player must hold one in his hands, so it appears as a traffic ban sign in the game.

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