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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android to witness leaderboards, numerous bug fixes, game rules enhancement, significant changes, and improvements in Creative mode.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang Developers are ending the Update Aquatic and finally switching to Village & Pillage. However, there are still some adjustments needed to make sure everything works in the best way possible in the Update Aquatic.

Minecraft PE version features plenty of bug fixes repairing the most notorious and silly issues. For example, developers have removed the “Down with O.P.P!” splash from this sandbox survival game.

Also, fibrous and cooked fish has been renamed to raw and cooked cod, respectively following this update. Additional, Nintendo Switch users can now play with 128x resolution texture packs in MCPE version.


Besides this, a user can also type @ to see the players list and effortlessly navigate between their friends and other users on public servers.

However, typing @ with someone’s name is the best way to mention them. Then the mentioned messages will be highlighted with a yellow tint, so the player wouldn’t miss them to read in Minecraft PE version.

The Marketplace has also been drastically renewed. It is way more comfortable and flexible to work with sorting and the search bar. Even filters can be understood without any problem.

You can also find a share button that links the content that you can share with your friend or other players in MCPE version.

The pause menu also now has the “Invite to game” button. Just press it and pick friends you’d like to join your game.

Also, now the world’s name you are currently playing is shown on top of the pause screen in Minecraft PE version.


The creative mode also allows everyone to be gods in MCPE version. Previously no player could eat or drink anything in Creative mode. But this has been repaired in this update.

Moderators, admins, and other users of Creative mode can consume any type of food, including the chorus plant following this update in the game.

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