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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got panda changes, bug fixes, crossbows, and more.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios’ developers’ next step is implementing the Village & Pillage Update features to fix the troublesome issues in the game.


One of the most popular features in Minecraft PE is pandas. These creatures spawn in the bamboo forests, and they just love eating.

Usually, there are six types of pandas in the game. A regular panda does not have anything special, but a worried one does not eat anything, afraid of players, other mobs, and thunder also

Playful exotic bears roll over and jump around to show their joyful nature. On the other hand, aggressive bamboo eaters are relatively slow and attack hostile users in MCPE version.

There are weak pandas that sneeze often and brown ones are way rarer than a white-black one in the game.


Most of the changes in the Minecraft PE version are related to the earlier mentioned Japanese bears. It appears that aggressive pandas will protect attacked babies as well.

Further, the same pandas have also changed their skin appearance. Pandas look more hostile now.

MCPE version crash issues have been fixed also. Also, a user’s multiplayer sessions won’t end unexpectedly.

As a matter of fact, these precious creatures received some brand new unique sounds, so they sound more aesthetic.


There are only a few changes when it comes to blocks. For example, the scaffolding now burns in lava. Additionally, players can sneak on it if there is no scaffold underneath it.

Additionally, a player can take fireworks on their offhand in Minecraft PE version. Plus, there is needed information regarding the scaffolds in the “Help” menu.

Hence a player does not have to google things. Everything that they require can be found in the game.

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