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Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got a few changes, bug fixes, and adorable pandas.

What’s New in MCPE

Village & Pillage update is released to add some enormous amount of new features. One of them can be said to be pandas. These bulky but cute mobs live only in bamboo forests.

However, this biome is usually known for being laggy and inconvenient previously. But Minecraft PE fixes this problematic issue and brings hope to the white-and-black mobs.

Players no longer had to suffer rough and uncertain gameplay due to the bamboo in MCPE version.

Although a large amount of this vegetation will finally make the game slowlier, most players will take it with no problems as their device can handle that type of CPU usage.


A few blocks’ behaviors have been changed, which should be mentioned. For example, there is a new recipe for an undyed shulker box in Minecraft PE version.

Recently, players had to use any type of dyes to make the lovelier version of this blocky backpack. Also, an empty mob spawner no longer emits particles when there’s no mob inside of it.

MCPE features a lot of Marketplace fixes. Several of its maps had trouble with some specific items and this update has fixed most of those issues.


The /gamerule command has been changed a little bit. It also comes out that only Operators are now able to use it. Therefore ordinary players won’t be able to modify the world’s options.

It also helps to protect the server’s initial setting leading to more stable and enjoyable gameplay in Minecraft PE version.

As a matter of fact, the /scoreboard command works perfectly now. It had issues earlier, which have luckily been fixed following this update.


This updates’ another excellent addition is the introduction of crossbows in the game. This tremendous weapon, when compared to a bow, deals more damage but they are a slowlier to shoot.

Nonetheless, MCPE players can even enchant it to make it even more strong. Besides this, it uses the same arrows as bows do.

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