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Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has pandas, crossbows, scaffolding, dyes, and many more.

MCPE Highlights

This release of the Village & Pillage update features a variety of exciting things. Pandas mobs are one of them. These heavy creatures live in the bamboo forests biome in Minecraft World.


Usually, Panda mobs do nothing but lounge around and mind their own business. Though, pandas also have their personalities in MCPE version.

Some of the pandas are aggressive also. They attack intruders if they try to attack their families. Some of them were lazy also and they are considered the slowliest mob in the game.

Playful Chinese bears can roll over and have fun while minding their own business in Minecraft PE

But one thing is common among all types of Pandas and that is they love eating. When it comes to tastes, they admire bamboo, and sometimes they even eat cakes.


Mojang Studios devs have also introduced new dyes into the game. Although the number of possible colors did not change, they remain the same.

For example, a player no longer uses ink sack, cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, and bone meals as stains. Instead of these, users have to craft blue, brown, white, and black shades in MCPE version.

On the other hand, a player can also get a crossbow. It’s a more athletic and slowlier version of a bow. A player can make it using strings, sticks, and an iron ingot.

This has three different enchantments and is capable of shooting fireworks.


Minecraft PE updates feature new achievements to score. They are mostly relevant for pandas and bamboo.

Mapmakers will surely be satisfied with the /function command as this allows launching modified add-on features.

Also, there is another cunning pun on the main menu — a splash «Pandamonium.» By the way, players can put any fireworks on their offhand in MCPE version.

Mojang devs never miss the chance to add new items with each update.

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