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Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got new blocks like bamboo, scaffolding, and lots of other features.

MCPE Features

Mojang Studios devs have released the first version of the Village & Pillage update with its notable features. It comes out that there are new cats in Minecraft PE version.

Besides this, pandas have eventually appeared in the game. The players can’t tame them, but they just look adorable.

Builders are also going to love this renewal as well. Some of its features introduced have fantastic possibilities.


Obviously, this update’s most outstanding creation is pandas. These charming creatures are friendly and live in jungle biomes.

Pandas love eating different things like Cakes and bamboo. They are their favourite food in MCPE version. A player can breed them to see cute little pandas.

A player can’t tame them as they are an independent mob.

By the way, there can also be a tiny chance for a brown bear to spawn in Minecraft PE version.


Ocelots and tamed cats have been rebuilt in the Village & Pillage update. It also comes out that a player cannot tame an ocelot.

They are now totally self-sufficient and they are not bound to kitties in MCPE version. It means a player doesn’t have to find them in jungles.

Stray cats can be seen in villages wandering their streets. There are seven new feline skins in the game now following this update. Moreover, they can do some adorable things in the game.

For example, toms just lay down with you when you sleep in Minecraft PE version.


Furthermore, there are some commands that players can use to modify and improve their gaming experience. On the other hand, scaffolding is a new climbable item in MCPE version.

Scaffolding can be crafted from strings and bamboo. It is rather convenient and might save you time.

However, there are no bamboo forests in the game following this update.

It means a player will have to find useful pieces of greenery in jungle temple chests and shipwrecks.

Usually, it’s quite hard to get enough of it.

Minecraft PE has made the animal world a little more thriving in the game.

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