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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got bug fixes, many new blocks, pillagers, and gamerules.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios devs continue to release new betas in order to make the upcoming update more stable and better. It also appears that there are some additional blocks and tags in the game.

Minecraft PE version also lets players adjust several gamerules, which significantly change the game.

All around, the Overworld has been improved quite drastically.


It’s the second update with new blocks to come in with this beta. Previously, we’ve also got dozens of slabs, stairs, and walls made of various materials in the game.

For instance, a player could craft nether brick slabs or polished diorite stairs. However, developers have also added a bit more mysterious blocks in the Minecraft PE update.

It also appears that there are barrels, bells, blast furnaces, and other tremendously incredible constructing elements in the game.

Although they have no functionality till now. Users can already get smokers, smithing tables, and grindstones.

Also, there are fletching tables as well as cartography workplaces in MCPE version.

Mojang Studios developers have also introduced lanterns to the game. They emit fifteen light levels and can’t be crafted as of now.


Developers have also boosted the number of commands running simultaneously, which expands the possibilities in the Minecraft PE version.

Once operating they no longer cause performance and stability issues. By the way, there is a “Feedback” button on the main menu also.

This button allows instant access to support services or other additional websites. Besides this, there is autocomplete that now works well.


Some old blocks have evolved too in the game. For example, cauldrons can contain lava, and signs are now grouped in the Creative inventory in Minecraft world.

Pillagers now have new sounds and crossbow animations.

Generally, they work in a better way in Minecraft PE version than initially.

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