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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as this has got more gameplay improvements, bug fixes, beautiful flowers, and fabulous blocks with nasty pillagers following this update.

What’s New in MCPE

This beta version has fixed the majority of the existing bugs, making the game more stable and enjoyable. Previously, some users weren’t able to play because of crashes.

Luckily, Minecraft PE update has solved all those problems that users previously get worried about as that can lead to the game’s progress loss.

Also, new commands allow the user to respawn immediately after death. Besides this, you can even turn off chat messages in MCPE version.


Mojang Studios devs have also improved some of the building elements, supplementing various slabs, stairs, and even walls in Minecraft PE version.

According to the Mojang developers, there are approximately four dozen new blocks, which means there is a lot of stuff to build within the game.

For example, a player can now craft marvellous stairs out of end bricks, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, and diorite in the game.

MCPE version also has signs made of different tree types. Spruce, oak, acacia, and other coloured badges.

Henceforth, a user can change the shade of the text on them using various dyes.

Also, players can now create hundreds of combinations using different dyes.

Finally, Minecraft PE version has also changed the game in many different ways. Some old aspects are renovated and got a brand new look


Developers of Mojang Studios have also added new splashes to the game as they appear near the logo on the main menu. Also, more than three dozen of them emerged in the game.

You can find the “The Floor is Lava” or “Llama, llama, duck” in Minecraft PE version. Some of them are also funny, like “Potatoes gonna potato.”

Besides this, users can summon particles with a particular command in the game.

It will be useful for map creators as sometimes a user needs to point something out.

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