Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE Free
Download Naruto Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Naruto mod for Minecraft PE and embrace your superheroic nature and start saving the world from numerous enemies in this sandbox survival game.

Naruto Mod Highlights

Naruto is one of the most well-known brands ever in recent media. Almost every respected Internet user knows or at least once heard the name Naruto and his adventures.

Therefore many users try to develop various addons, maps, and texture packs to fill the lack of Naruto content in the Minecraft PE game.

Also, the majority of these modifications illustrate new and unbelievable gameplay opportunities for the fans and everyday gamers.

Naruto Shippuden Survival

This mod is probably the most ambitious and exciting one that a user can find on the Web so far.

It features a variety of unique mobs that will either befriend you or will try to slaughter any player.

On the other hand, the MCPE game received new items that you can protect yourself with. For example, all those epic and tremendous-looking weapons are now in this game.

Simultaneously, users may expect to meet Naruto himself and his beloved friends. Don’t forget about his neverending amount of opponents that continuously try to stop the hero.

All of them are present in the Minecraft PE game. Devs have reported that they added new mobs instead of replacing the old ones. Thus there are all chickens, zombies, and creepers in the game.

Items & Weapons

Most of the added stuff can now be obtained either through commands or using the magic scroll. Moreover, there are various eminent swords from the original Naruto series.

The MCPE game features Hiramekarei, a prominent weapon that everyone is afraid of. It already has enchantments, which makes it a wonderful start for the role-playing gameplay.

Besides this, there’s a Shibuki sword that sets its victims on fire.

Generally, several frightening and perilous mobs, as well as epic-looking weapons, have appeared in the Minecraft PE game with this add-on.

Naruto Shippuden Survival1.1.0 – 1.19.0Download Now