Download Prison Map for Minecraft PE Free

Download Prison Map for Minecraft PE
Download Prison Map for Minecraft PE

Download prison map for Minecraft PE and attempt to escape the prison by completing several missions in the game with this mod pack.

Prison Map for MCPE Overview

Minecraft PE usually offers 2 things to perform and that is to survive and build buildings. However, several users also want something new in their favourite challenge genre. And that’s the reason some developers have prepared these types of maps in order to help you. The player will have to be careful and smart to find a way out from the prisons and that will make their gameplay more interesting.

Prison Escape

It is quite a large prison in Minecraft PE. The user will appear in a small room. At this time, blocks that can be broken will be shown there.

There will also be a sand chest found there. After the user puts this sand in a special place, a hole will open in the center of the room to start the path. It is worth noting that this map is suitable for almost any version of Minecraft PE and is the best thing.

Big Prison

After installing this Big Prison mod map, the user will appear in the room. They will be attended to by an unknown voice that will give some clues. In order to get out of the prison, a player needs to find all the keys.

There will be sheets of paper in the introductory chest and the names will be a hint on that sheet.

Failed Robbery

On this map, it is worth noting the gym. The developer of the map addressed the implementation of this location with a creative technique. There will also be a little backstory about how the player ended up in prison in Minecraft PE with this mod pack.

The plot also says that the player was a robber and tried to rob the national bank. But due to some mistakes, he was arrested. It is necessary to be very careful, as the chests with the necessary things are hidden too in the game.

Prison Life

There will be a small prison with its own yard along with a football field in Minecraft PE. There are basically 2 roles on the map and that is a policeman and a prisoner. It is a great adventure for this type of role-playing game.

Prison Craft

This prison map for Minecraft PE has no plot and mission. It was primarily created so that the players themselves came up with something different rather than building. The player can invite their friends and organize role-playing games with them. There are many excellent locations on the map to thrill your gameplay.

Prison Escape0.14.0 – 1.14.0Download Now
Big Prison1.1.5 – 1.18.12Download Now
Failed Robbery1.1.5 – 1.18.12Download Now
Prison Life1.1.5 – 1.18.12Download Now
Prison Craft1.17.0 – 1.18.12Download Now