Download Red vs Blue Map for Minecraft PE Free

Download Red vs Blue Map for Minecraft PE
Download Red vs Blue Map for Minecraft PE

Download Red vs Blue Map for Minecraft PE and organize interesting competitions with your friends to enjoy the gameplay.

Red vs Blue map for MCPE Highlights

One of the great benefits of the Minecraft PE game is that the users can invite their friends and survive with them. However, with a large number of players, ordinary survival becomes a bit boring.

In this case, various cards for team games help a lot in this matter. Red vs Blue maps are one such squad game. Here players need to split into two teams (red and blue) and try to win.


On Red vs Blue PvP for Minecraft PE, the user will have to show their skills in battle. To begin with, the player will have to collect a large number of friends.

There should be at least two participants, but the game will be very boring in this case so you must invite all of your friends to enjoy this game.

After everyone is assembled, everyone must choose their own team and then the battle will begin.

To do this, just click on the corresponding button, which will be in the lobby. After the start of the game, all the users will find themselves on the battlefield in Red vs Blue PvP in Minecraft PE.

Also, in this location, you can even witness generators from which diamonds periodically fall out. This jewel can be utilized in the shop to buy items needed for the battle.


The next Red vs Blue map for Minecraft PE represents the football game. Everything is quite simple in this pack.

The users appear in the lobby, where there are chests with the necessary things. Each user must wear leather armor, and take a wooden sword and a stack of steaks.

It is worth noting that there are three different types of swords also. They differ in the strength that will repel the ball. The map has a pre-installed modification and texture for the ball to work correctly within the game.


On this map for Minecraft PE, users will have to fight high into the skies. Two players are required for the game to start.

The devs of the map indicated in the rules that the number of participants cannot be more or less with the given number.

After that, everyone can choose the red or blue team. To win, a player will need to score 5 points.

To get points, a user will need to jump into a special place at the enemy base. There are three locations in total and that is nether, jungle, and beach.

So, Download Red vs Blue Map for Minecraft PE and enjoy this thrilling add-on.

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