Download Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE for Free
Download Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE and enjoy the latest technologies allowing you to construct crazy things in the game.

What is Redstone Mod in MCPE

Mojang Studios devs have been working on Minecraft PE for a long time now, but Redstone engineering was added recently.

And now, players can actually use Redstone to construct something really epic and complex in the game.

Besides this, a few other modifications have also been added by providing new possibilities for the red dust in MCPE.


This mod’s goal is quite modest and that is to bring wonders of the industry to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Sadly, old version users weren’t able to use this magic red-coloured stone within the game.

However, it changes now as players are getting all possible Redstone-related blocks and functionality now.

For instance, there are currently pressure plates and lamps in this sandbox game. As it’s evident from its name, if any user puts pressure on that thing, it’ll send the impulse that a player needs.

Further, you can activate the pressure plate by standing on it or putting any item on top of it. Now, you need to connect it to the lamp with the Redstone dust in the MCPE game.

Wireless Redstone Mod

This Minecraft PE add-on has a huge potential to become one of the most efficient and useful Redstone mods ever created for Minecraft players. Now, there are new ways of transmitting power.

Since the mod’s called “Wireless,” there are such blocks as transmitters, wireless repeaters, receivers, and block breakers in the game. And all of them have some functionality in the MCPE game.

For example, the transmitter creates and sends a signal which will then be taken by a receiver or a repeater within the game.

However, the opportunities this mod gives you are literally infinite.

It means a player no longer has to connect every part of their awful contraption. Wires are becoming old-fashioned, so wireless can now do the work in the Minecraft PE game.

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