Download SCP Map for Minecraft PE for Free

Download SCP Map for Minecraft PE for Free
Download SCP Map for Minecraft PE for Free

Download the SCP Map for Minecraft PE and experience some unknown and unheard things in the original game.

What Does the SCP Map Offer in MCPE

SCP is a mega-corporation that hides and stores thousands upon thousands of unknown, celestial, and simply terrifying creatures.

Since SCP has a majority of different beasts, there is no point in naming them. They just give them numbers in terms of name.

For example, SCP-096 is a humanoid creature two and a half blocks in height in the game.

Minecraft PE has no such creations, but maps and mods introduce them in this blocky game. There’s one map that shows both epic locations and the mod. You’ll find all SCP creatures in cages within the game.

Now all these beasts have broken out and now roam the lab’s rooms and corridors.

SCP Foundation

This elegant and impressively gigantic map with a modification presents dozens of unique mobs to the MCPE game. For instance, SCP-173 doesn’t move if you look at it in the game

However, if you close your eyes for a second, it’ll definitely kill you. So, you can kill it with a diamond pickaxe in the game.

On the other hand, SCP-049 is the infamous Plague Doctor. It hazards villagers by circulating diseases and death upon their lands. It applies Wither on a user.

One can calm it down by giving a red flower to it in the Minecraft PE game. SCP-062 is a ginormous and immortal reptile-looking dreadful. It kills you immediately.

SCP-063 may look innocent and harmless, but once a player gets closer, they won’t like what they’ll see. Yet, SCP-939 is another mob that attacks everything it sees in the game.

Nonetheless, this crocodile-looking villain won’t attack the player if he crouches. SCP-939 also makes squeaking, raspy, and wheezing sounds when hit in the game.

Also, SCP-1048 is a 200 HP teddy bear that produces multiple copies of itself in the game. However, it’s not hostile yet. But let him finish his little business, and he’ll turn into a colossal bear in the MCPE game.

SCP Map1.1.0 – 1.19.0Download Now