Download Star Wars Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Free

Download Star Wars Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Free
Download Star Wars Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Free

Download Star Wars Textures Pack for Minecraft PE and become a stormtrooper or join rebels in their fight against the Empire within your favourite sandbox game.

What Does the Star Wars Texture Pack offer in MCPE

The Star Wars franchise has one of the extraordinary universes created by a human being. It’s so vast and immeasurable that thousands of characters can fit in it.

Moreover, more than half of all Minecraft PE players love and respect this universe as there are so many Star Wars-related creations.

Various maps, addons, locations, modifications, and texture packs are being released every week related to Star Wars.

Therefore players have vast opportunities and a wide choice to pick up from.

The Fantom Menace

This MCPE texture pack modifies the whole game as seventy per cent of all existing building blocks and creatures will look different with this pack

This texture pack mainly focuses on deserted areas and everything related to sands. Many users have reported it the best choice if you want to rebuild the famous Tatooine Planet in the game

Obviously, a player can do whatever he wants, but in this case, it’d be better for him to start the desert caravan with llamas and all.

Moreover, this texture pack features two suns that you can witness from any part of the Minecraft world. It indicates that you’re not on Earth but somewhere, perhaps, in the Galaxy’s Outer Rim.

Minecraft PE brave explorers will also encounter some Hutt gangsters and many unknown and bizarre-looking creatures in the game with this add-on.

Mine Wars

This time, MCPE players will find themselves on the other side of the universe. However, beware of the new stormtroopers parading near you in the game.

They won’t keep their lasers calm once they spot you hiding with other rebels in the game. The whole sandbox survival has been repaired and rebuilt the way Star Wars actually look.

Also, workbenches and furnaces now look better and more sophisticated as it’s the future, after all. Minecraft PE has never resembled our galaxy as it does now with this pack.

The Fantom Menace0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Mine Wars1.1.0 – 1.19.0Download Now