Download Super Mario Font for Free (Commercial Use)

Download Super Mario Font for Free
Download Super Mario Font for Free

We all have noticed those iconic mushrooms and popular eye-catching, colorful logo text that stands as “Super Mario Bros.” And many people want to make their brand text look like the same

So, we have come up with this guide and now you can too be the rightful owner of the official font used in the famous game, Super Mario Brother. 

Let’s know a bit more about Super Mario Font before downloading it.

Super Mario Font Description

If you lived in the ’80s and ’90s, you must have heard of the popular TV game called Super Mario Brothers. The Super Mario Bros. franchise itself originated as an arcade platform game with the name of Mario Brothers back in 1983. 

The games primarily focused on the adventures of Mario and his brother in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom and all its various areas. 

With a plot set in New York, plumbers Mario and his brother, Luigi, are tasked with getting rid of strange creatures that emerge from sewer pipes in the game.

As the game itself is based on the life of Mario Arnold Segale, who was an American businessman and real estate developer, this makes it more enjoyable in real life.

He was also active in various development projects in the Seattle area from the 1950s onwards. 

Mario’s video game character was named after Segale while he was leasing a warehouse to the Nintendo platform.

The lettering of this viral video game by Nintendo is also somehow to a font named Super Mario 256. 

Nonetheless, this version is a capital-only font with numerals and limited punctuation marks in it.

What is Super Mario Font

Super Mario font is Super Mario 256, it is the rounded sans serif typeface created by fsuarez913 that was initially used for the interface within the game.

These fonts will give the exact appearance as appears in the game and shows.

Super Mario Font 1

In addition, the Super Mario font is geometric sans serif typeface initially formulated by Nintendo in the year 2015, with the lowercase typeface designed in 2019. These typefaces are also used for the interface in Super Mario 2 games and shows. 

The Super Mario font, or variations of the Anito font, is basically utilized for the interface in the whole range of Mario games from Super Mario 64 to Mario Sports Mix, Second Mario, and also in Super Mario 3D Land.

Usage of Super Mario Font 256

Super Mario (256) is a Fancy font that can be used on any PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices easily. You can just use the Super Mario font to spice up your logo and overall business brand name or incorporate it into your website to attract more visitors by making your pages more eye-catching as it can be used for commercial purposes.

It can be utilized for several marketing experiments such as brochures, landing pages, emails, newsletters, social media posts, graphics, images, etc.

So, Download Super Mario Font for Free and give your business a brand new look with this amazing font.


We have tried our best to deliver the best possible answers to your queries and you will definitely find the Super Mario font beneficial for your marketing efforts. Also, these fonts are completely commercial which means you can use this Mario font for free without any copyright issues.