Download Train Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Train Mod for Minecraft PE for Free
Download Train Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Train Mod for Minecraft PE as it has got real railways and other mechanic stuff within the game.

What Does the Train Mod do in MCPE

Many users are in desperate need of new vehicles in the Minecraft PE game. Horses, donkeys, and mules do not fit their needs. Thus there are so many train addons for those users.

Train Mod will add some of the best trains to your sandbox survival game. So, you can try any of those according to your desire.

Real Train Addon

If you want something absolutely stunning and epic, this add-on will fit you exactly. It turns out there are dozens of highly-detailed trains added to the game with this mod pack.

A player can choose any of their favourite ones. These trains are gorgeous. Luckily, users can mount them and get to the other point of the railway in the Minecraft PE game.

By the way, the design of these locomotives is in Japanese style. It means the Japanese fans will be happy to hear about their trains appearing in the game.

Locomotive Addon

This Minecraft PE mod pack reminds me of the Railcraft, a popular PC modification, which improves minecarts in the game. The locomotive addon, however, is a little bit different.

Instead of adding new trains and other stuff like it, devs have focused on already existing minecarts and added new types also.

According to the devs, a player will be able to do anything they can possibly imagine.

There is a minecart that increases the speed of the carts in the MCPE game.

Train Mod

This modification is maybe the simplest one. All it does is add one single railway carriage to the MCPE game. Two players can ride it simultaneously in the game.

Of course, the more coaches you add, the more user will enjoy the ride.

Locomotive Addon0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Real Train Addon0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Train Mod0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now