Download Undertale Map for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Undertale Map for Minecraft PE for Free
Download Undertale Map for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Undertale map for Minecraft PE and familiarize yourself with all the locations of this game and defeat the boss to win the game.

What is Undertale Map for MCPE

Undertale is a quite well-known computer game. Its story begins with a small child falling into a deep hole. Thus, the child finds himself in a dungeon, where there is not a single person.

When a child tries to return home, he is encountered with many obstacles.

Now users in Minecraft PE can also play the role of that child. With this pack, users can play this game on PVP, in which there are the same locations as the Undertale game.

Free Movement

As you can tell from the name of this Undertale map for Minecraft PE, there are no wars here. The players can move freely and explore all the locations of this game.

When a user first enters, he will appear in the starting room, where there will be several paths. Also, it is worth going along the path with the name Map info.

Here the player can get all the necessary information about this location in the Minecraft PE game. It is worth noting the surprisingly large size of this room, the walls of which seem like touching the sky.

By the way, when moving here, the player will first fall from a height onto the slug block. After exploring everything, players can go back and start evaluating other locations.

Boss Fight

In this map on Undertale for Minecraft PE, the user will have to fight the boss, unlike the previously mentioned one. But first of all, he will appear in the lobby, where all the necessary information will be mentioned.

Then you need to click on the button on the command block to begin the battle.

After that, the famous music from the Undertale game will start playing, and the descriptions will begin to appear on the screen.

Following the floor where the player is standing, green wool will appear, which must be stepped on instantly.

Otherwise, severe damage will be done to the player’s health. After the initial tests, you can start the battle with the boss.

So, Download Undertale map for Minecraft PE and enjoy your gameplay with these add-on packs.

Free Movement1.2.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Boss Fight1.12.0 – 1.19.0Download Now