Download Wings Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Wings Mod for Minecraft PE Free
Download Wings Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Wings Mod for Minecraft PE in order to get some new items to fly and choose the wings you like in the game with this pack.

Wings Mod for MCPE

Players, who are tired of using elytra for flights in Minecraft PE, would be happy to know that there is a simple way to fly in the game.

There are various cool wing modifications, which are worth installing and trying. Thanks to these mods, players can now fly easily and choose wings color and type by themselves.


The Wearables mod will bring new items, which a player can easily wear in Minecraft PE. If you are looking for gear to fly, download this mod and find the 32-wings option within it.

Two main types are in 16 colors here, so a user can change them as they like. There are also several unique colored capes that you can try on in this mod pack.

By the way, users can use wings only in the creative game mode. You should also activate the experimental game mode in the menu before using the mod.

First of all, you need to unlock the wings, there is a special button for it and you just have to toggle it. Then walk next to them to put them on. Jump up and cling to the ground to take off the wings in the game.

Wings On Armor

This is a small mod that adds new types of wings: angels and demons wings for the armor set in Minecraft PE. Do you want to have an impressive appearance for your character? Then this add-on must be in your collection!

You should know that these wings will not allow you to fly. If you need to add this ability to the game, install another mod for it.


This mod gives players wings to fly in the Minecraft PE game. The developers have also created 6 new types of wings, which have unique animation and textures in the game.

This add-on works even in survival mode and without the use of special commands. Users can find new items in rare places, such as a fortress, a desert pyramid, or a jungle.

To put on the wings, a player needs to hold the item in their hand. The flight is easy to control and the player should look where he wants to fly.

Wearables1.13.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Wings on Armor1.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Wings on Armor1.16.0 – 1.19.0Download Mod
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