Dyno Bot for Discord: Commands, Features and Guide

Dyno Bot
Dyno Bot

Discord is becoming popular day by day with its features. It provides the feature for getting connected with our favourite persons and also provides a wide space for gaming lovers as well for streaming their games online.

But Discord requires a lot of hard work to manage if you have a server. And sometimes that hard work consumes a lot of time. And in this situation, you will need a smart bot that can do all your work and can handle the whole server without putting very much effort into it. Dyno bot is well known for its moderation feature and can rescue you from doing this hectic hard work.

You can also try the Carl Bot which also works as a moderator and has the automod feature. Additionally, if you also want to take your discord server engagement to the next level you can try Groovy Bot which is one of the most popular music bot discord.

Dyno Bot helps you to keep your server spam free and increase engagement time in your community. There are lots of features including welcoming new members, managing disputes, banning spammy members, etc available with auto moderating function in this Discord bot.

Discord has several bots that make it so much popular but it lacks some of the most important features that are most demanded by discord users and that is Custom themes.

Discord only has two themes; one is light and another one is dark. And apart from these two themes, you will not have any option. But if you are tech-savvy and want to use custom themes and plugins then we will recommend you to go with the Better Discord Application.

We have prepared an extensive guide on Best Discord Themes and Top Discord Plugins along with the Installation guide that will help you install the better discord application.

Now moving back to the Dyno bot, we will have to look at its features.

What is Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is an advanced discord bot that is quite popular for various features. It has been installed on more than 3 million servers that shows its population and fame. Dyno Discord has almost all the features that you will require for setting auto moderating functions.

Other than Moderating features it also has several other functionalities including playing music, engaging the audience with games, creating polls and many more.

It also has a premium plan that will cost you $5/month for one server. And if you have more than 1 discord server you can with another plan that will cost you $10/month for three servers.

With a premium plan, you will get some additional features in the Discord bot. Some of the premium features that you will get with Dyno premium are the auto-purge option, custom embedded messages, voice text linking, etc.

You will have tons of options to make your community grow and engage. And with Dyno bot, your moderating workload will almost reduce. You can also save your precious time by utilising it for doing any other work instead of moderating your discord server.

Let’s have a brief look at Dyno bot features.

Dyno Bot Features

Discord has several amazing bots that can help a moderator to ease their workload and grow their community. Dyno discord bot is one of them that has excellent features and a feature-rich dashboard. It also has excellent customer support that means if you face any technical issue the customer support team can help you to solve the query.

Discord Dyno bot has several features that make it popular. Let’s discuss some of the best features of Dyno Discord Bot.

1. Moderation Feature

Dyno bot has almost all the important and necessary moderation features that are required to run a server in automod without hassle. It has several auto moderating features that will help you to save time and make your community free from spammy members. Some of the best and notable features are you can auto-ban any member, make timed mutes and even set it as auto-moderation that will work even when you remain offline.

2. Configurable Dashboard

Dyno Bot has a feature-rich and configurable dashboard that makes it easy for users to use this bot. Dyno bot dashboard helps you to configure everything just from its dashboard and provides direct navigation for performing every task effortlessly.

Just invite Dyno bot to your discord server and utilise this amazing bot to save your time by using its auto-moderation feature from the simple and intuitive dashboard of Dyno Discord Bot.

3. Custom Commands

Another notable feature of the Dyno discord bot that helps many moderators to set up custom commands. Almost every bot has this feature including Dyno and with this feature, you can easily set up any of your desirable custom commands and make your moderating work easier and reliable.

4. Music

Dyno bot can also play music that means you do not have to rely on any other bot for playing your favourite track just within your discord server, you can easily do this with the help of this discord bot. You will have a wide range of choices of music to choose from for making your community more engaged and active in your server.

5. Additional Features

The list of features of the Discord Dyno bot has not ended. There are even a lot more features including auto roles, announcements, reminders, afk status, and even many more. You will get tons of commands that will help you to do any moderation work easier. You can even play some random games to make your community more active.

The above are some outstanding features of this Discord bot. It almost makes everything manageable by giving an easier interface and intuitive dashboard.

Now, we will discuss some of the best commands of the Dyno Discord Bot.

Dyno Bot Commands

Dyno bot has hundreds of commands that you can execute to perform any of your tasks. Let’s have a look at some of its best commands that can be helpful for beginners.

Below are some best Dyno bot commands.

  • ?roles: With this command, you can get a list of server roles.
  • ?addrank: This command will help you to add a new rank to new or existing members.
  • ?kick: Kick out any member from your server
  • ?warn: Send warning to any user
  • ?ban: This command will help you to ban any member from your server.
  • ?ban save: Ban a user by saving its messages in a chat.
  • ?mute: Mute any member.
  • ?unmute: Unmute previously muted member.
  • ?unban: Unban previously banned members.
  • ?lock: Lock a channel with an optional timer and messages.
  • ?temprole: Assign a temporary role to any user for a certain period of time.
  • ?temprole remove: Removing temp role from a user.
  • ?itunes: Get the info of any song.
  • ?dog: Find images of some cute dogs.
  • ?roll: Role a dice
  • ?flip: This command will help you in flipping a coin.
  • ?pokemon: Get information on pokemon.
  • ?poll: With this command, you can start a Poll.
  • ?premium: This command will help you to know the details of the premium Dyno bot.

The aforementioned are some of the best Discord Dyno bot commands that can make your task a lot easier than ever. These are only the basic commands which you use to perform most of your desired action.

Apart from these commands, there are hundreds of other commands as well which you can find useful for managing your server. The full list of commands can be found here.

Now, we will then discuss how to invite the Dyno Discord bot into the server. So, let’s have a brief look at it.

How to Add Dyno Bot to the Discord Server

The installation process of Dyno Bot is pretty simple. Just follow the below-given steps to install the the bot in your discord server.

1. Open your browser and go to the Official Website of Dyno Discord Bot and click on the “Login with Discord” option.

Invite Dyno Bot

2. Now, log in with your ID and Password.

Login with Dyno bot

3. Then select the necessary permission and click the “Add discord to” option to select your server from the list and then authorize it and then click on the continue button.

Add dyno in discord

4. Now, solve the captcha. That’s it you have successfully invited dyno bot to your discord server.

Now, you have the most popular moderating bot that will help you make your moderation work easier and even helps you to make your community engaged.


Dyno Bot is becoming more advanced and introducing new features. Dyno bot is an advanced discord bot with a multi-purpose feature. So, you are now well familiar with Dyno’s features and commands. Utilize this bot to save your time and make your server easily manageable.

If you want to enjoy some features earlier than most of the people on Discord then we will recommend you to go with Discord Canary. This is an Alpha build that introduced new features for testing and you can also test the new features before enrolling it for the public.