Fallout 4 ENB Guide: Installation, Configuration and Adding Preset

Fallout 4 ENB
Fallout 4 ENB

Fallout 4 is an action game with a role-playing feature. It is the 4th game in the Fallout game series. So, If you want some modifications in the Fallout 4 game then this guide of Fallout 4 ENB will be worth reading. For running ENB you should be recommended to have a PC that is capable of running and handling it.

The Fallout game is well popular for its graphics as well as for its gameplay with role-playing features. And by using ENB, you could bring a drastic change into the graphics level of the Fallout 4 game series.

Let’s begin the Fallout 4 ENB Guide. But before that we’ll let you know about What is ENB and How Does it benefit in the game.

What is an ENB

The ENB, fully abbreviated as Enhanced Natural Beauty, is a modification that helps in increasing the gaming graphics, effects and appearance. It’s compatible with some of the most popular games including Skyrim, GTA, Oblivion, Fallout, etc.

It works by modifying the graphics and appearance of the games. Configuration like modifying lights, shadows and adding effects can be also done with the help of Enhanced Natural Beauty.

Let’s proceed further to know how to install ENB on Fallout 4. To install it, you need to download it first from its official website.

Download ENB Main Files From the Official Website

To run the ENB, you need to download the Main ENB files which you can find from its Official Website. Just go to the ENB for Fallout 4 website and download the latest version by clicking on it. The latest version is ENB V0.461, at the time of writing this guide. After that, the downloading process will begin and that will be in .ZIP format. After downloading, extract it and then find the folder labelled as “WrapperVersion,” and open that. There you will find lots of files with extensions like .FX, .DLL, these all files are the ones that are going to take the graphics to the next level. Copy all the files and paste them into the Main Fallout 4 directory file.

If you don’t know where to find the Fallout 4 Directory then we can also help you with this. Read the below guide to find out where you can discover the Main Directory of Fallout 4.

How to Find the Fallout 4 Directory

To find the main directory you need to open Steam, then just go to your Steam library and find Fallout 4. After finding it, right-click on it and choose the option to manage and then click on Browse Local Files. This is the place where you have to paste or move the above-selected files.

How to Install ENB Preset

The best place to install the ENB preset is Nexusmods. They have all the mod packs including the popular ones. You can also manually sort out the listing to find the most downloaded or popular presets like PhotoRealistic, Realism Visceral ENB, etc. Their ENB section will provide almost every Enhanced Natural Beauty (ENB) mod.

So, just choose the present and download it. The files which you get will also be in the .ZIP extension. Just extract it, there you’ll find .ini files and an enbseries folder. Simply move these folders into the main directory of Fallout 4. If it asks for overwriting any files just do it.

How to Install ENB on Fallout 4

For a proper installation guide, you’ll just need to follow the below quick guide to ensure that you are installing ENB on Fallout 4 properly. Just follow the below steps to install it on your Fallout 4 game.

1. Download the Latest Version of ENB from the link.

2. Extract the .ZIP file, and look for the “WrapperVersion” folder.

3. Select all the files and place them in the Maine Directory of your Fallout 4 game.

4. Now the ENB is installed successfully. Just configure it in-game by pressing the Tilde (~) without a bracket, key or you can also press the Shift and Enter Button Simultaneously.

5. That’s it. However, you can also try the ENB Preset from the NexusMods website. Just download your favourite preset, extract it and move it in the main directory of the Fallout 4 game by overwriting any files, if it asks.

The above is the proper and complete guide on how to install ENB on Fallout 4. Now, we will discuss in detail about Configuring it in-game.

Configuration of the ENB In-Game

Fallout 4 ENB game Configuration

You can easily configure the ENB while playing the game. By  default, you can use the Tilde (~) key to change the ENB settings. However, you can also use the key combination of Shift+Enter to change the settings. Just press both buttons simultaneously.

After pressing the above button, a menu will appear with lots of different settings that can help you to customize the game lights, effects, colour scheme, etc. After doing the changes, apply the changes and then save them.

Now, to exit from the ENB Menu, simply press the Tilde (~) or Shift+Enter Button. This will close the ENB menu.


As this Fallout 4 ENB guide will definitely help you in installing and Configuring ENB Mod in your Fallout 4 game. However, this mod is compatible with other games as well. So, you must give it a try on some other games as well.