Forager Skills List And Recommendations With Complete Guide

Forager Skills list
Forager Skills list

Whenever you level up in the Forager game, you need to choose the skills that you want to unlock. As skills are special abilities that any player can get in the game after unlocking certain levels. Forager game has in total 64 skills divided into 4 different trees. These trees are Industry, economics, Magic and Foraging.

The above skills will grant you special interactions with objects. Each tree has 16 skills that mean, on the completion of the game, you will have 64 skills unlocked that can benefit you a lot in the game by providing the possibility of finding new items, recipes, unlocking craft stations, also helps in increasing efficiency of your tools, etc.

Unlocking any skills from the tree entirely depends on what you want. But it is recommended to not depend on only a single tree and instead focus on all trees skills.  And for that, we have prepared this extensive guide providing you with the list of Forager Skills along with a proper recommendation guide to getting the most benefits from that skill.

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So, let’s begin exploring the Forager Skills list.

Industry Skills

  • Textiles: This skill unlocks Basic Boots and Basic Gloves.
  • Smelting: Helps the Furnaces and Forges to operate 25% faster by boosting them.
  • Manufacturing: With this skill, you can unlock Factories. You will also have a 20% chance to craft two items at once.
  • Lasers: This skill helps in increasing the Mining Rods and Droids deal with double damage.
  • Jewellery: This unlocks Basic Amulets. Gems sell for 25% more coins.
  • Craftsmanship: This unlocks Royal Clothing and Royal Steel.
  • Machinery: This unlocks the Flower Press.
  • Ballistics: This skill unlocks Ballistas and allows handheld Bows to shoot 3 arrows at a single time.
  • Industry: Unlocks Steel, Glass and gives XP when building structures.
  • Carpentry: Structures cost 25% less wood.
  • Sewing: This skill unlocks Leather and boosts Sewing stations to work 25% faster.
  • Automation: This skill unlocks Mining Rods and also helps the items to collect themselves.
  • Physics: This Unlocks Power Plants.
  • Engineering: It unlocks EMP Grenades, Droids and provides these Structures with 25% more boost.
  • Masonry: With this, you can unlock Brazier’s structures by costing 25% less stone.
  • Drilling: This provides a 25% chance to find coal while digging and also unlocks the offshore drills.


The Industry Tree is important, allowing you to mostly help in Farming by automating several tasks. The best recommendation from our side is to unlock the basic skills like Textiles and jewellery. With Textiles, you can unlock the Basic Boots and Basic Gloves that are an important item that provides speed bonuses and movement speed. With Jewellery, you can craft amulets that provide you with 25% more resources.

Economy Skills

  • Optics: This skill unlocks the Lighthouses and doubles light power at night.
  • Banking: This skill helps you to create a Bank that eventually provides you money.
  • Colonization: Lands will become 30% cheaper when you purchase.
  • Capitalism: You will get more XP while selling things.
  • Trade: With this, you can unlock Markets.
  • Economy: This allows you to gain 40 Coins instantly.
  • Storage: This skill unlocks Vaults where you can store 6 different items.
  • Coinage: Whenever you make 1 coin, Forges will provide 4 extra coins.
  • Artistry: This skill allows you to sell your Crafted items with 25% more coins.
  • Commerce: With this skill, when you throw any items they will get sold instead.
  • Architecture: This will provide double HP and reduce the structure cost on material structures.
  • Treasury: With this skill, Banks will generate extra coins when it is near other banks.
  • Supply: Markets will sell extra items.
  • Gambling: Unlocks Slot Machine.
  • Logistics: Doubles the area of effect for structures like Lighthouses, Power Plants, Mining Rods, etc.
  • Bargain: This Reduces all coin costs when you buy anything by 15%.


The Economy Tree also provides some of the best skills that help you in the game. Skills like Bargain and Artistry help you to save coins. With the unlocking of Economy skill, you will get 40 coins instantly. Storage skills will also help you in storing the items when your inventory becomes full. Unlocking the Trade will help you to unlock more markets and ultimately allow you to buy rare items that are very hard to obtain. 

Magic Skills

  • Magic: This skill allows you to discover Fairies and provide some EXP when activated.
  • Inscription: This will unlock the Inscription table.
  • Brilliance: This will make you earn 20% extra XP.
  • Combat: With this skill, you can unlock Basic Sword and increase the avoiding chance by 15%.
  • Alchemy: This will unlock Cauldron.
  • Novice Scrolls: You can Unlock the basic scroll level.
  • Expert Scrolls: With this, you can Unlock advanced scrolls level.
  • Novice Potions: This will unlock the basic potions. 
  • Faith: This will unlock Shrines.
  • Froststrike: This will unlock the spirit crystal and increase the chance to freeze attacking enemies by 50%.
  • Renewal: This will help you to restore energy by slaying enemies.
  • Spellbind: With this, the Buffs will last longer by 50% and also get XP when using scrolls and potions.
  • Expert Potions: This will unlock advanced level potions.
  • Reagency: This will make the Inscription and Cauldrons work faster by 50%.
  • Summoning: This will make Shrines recharge twice as fast and Buffs will last longer by 50%.
  • Transmutation: This skill will help you to transform steel into any type of jewel by using Cauldrons.


The Magic Tree is not suitable if you’ve just started unlocking skills. As this tree requires more resources. So, it is recommended to wait until you reach the mid-level of the game. However, there are some skills that can benefit you. You can unlock renewal as this will restore your energy when you kill the enemies. Also, you can unlock brilliance that will provide you with 20% more XP.

Foraging Skills

  • Foraging: This skill allows you to find Wheat and Beetroots and also boosts the chance of finding the Cotton.
  • Gathering: With this skill, you can gain 4 inventory slots and also 25% more XP on farming crops.
  • Woodcutting: This skill makes trees drop 50% extra wood.
  • Farming: This skill unlocks Windmill, Bread and Shovel
  • Fishing: This skill allows you to cook Fish. Fish Traps also work 50% faster.
  • Mining: This skill increases the chance of finding minerals by 40% when mined.
  • Prospecting: It helps in increasing the chances of finding gems by 15% and also increases the chance of getting rare items by 30% when dug.
  • Hunting: Unlocks items like Short Bow & Arrows, and Cooked Meat as well.
  • Cooking: This unlocks Cooking Pot, Milk, Cheese and Eggs.
  • Agriculture: With this, you can place Sprinkler and boost Animals and Crop productivity by 25%.
  • Voracity: This helps to gain 20% more energy by eating food.
  • Looting: Enemies will drop coins when slayed.
  • Geology: This makes all the rocks and minerals drop Coal.
  • Deposit: This unlocks Quarries.
  • Gluttony: With this skill, you can Gain XP by eating.
  • Calciferous: Can eat Rocks like normal consumable food.


Foraging Tree also has some of the best and useful skills that will help you in the progress of your game. You can unlock looting skills that will provide coins whenever you kill an enemy. Farming skills will help you in finding the basic Shovel, bread and windmill which eventually helps in agriculture. 


This Forager Skills List will help you in unlocking the useful and important skills from all 4 different trees. You should focus on all the trees instead of focusing on one. We also have recommended some of the useful skills that you unlock first and utilize these skills to progress in your Forager game.