How to Get a Golden Egg in Forager: A Complete Guide on It

Golden Egg in Forager
Golden Egg in Forager

Golden Egg in Forager is one of the rarest and valuable items in the game. The players have to complete various missions and quests in the game, and though for one quest they may get puzzled on figuring out how to get a golden egg in a forager.

Golden egg in Forager is an extremely rare inventory that is highly valuable compared to regular eggs. They are incredibly valuable because they have a high monetary value.

The chances of getting a golden egg are completely random as the golden egg was laid down by normal chickens but the chances of dropping golden eggs by the normal chicken are very less. However, there are few things you can do to increase the drop rate.

As chickens are mostly spawned in Jungle Biomes, they also run to other areas. So, you have to keep your eyes on those areas as well.

Let’s discuss some of the methods by which you can increase the drop rate of golden eggs by chicken.

Drink Potion

There are various options and you can try the Liquid luck potion which will make you lucky enough to get rare items. With this lucky potion, the drop rate of rare and valuable items will be doubled and that will ultimately increase the chance of getting this golden egg.

You can also try Ana’s Delight Potion that will provide you with a glittery buff increasing the spawn rate of animals around you. This will eventually make you find plenty of chicken around you and with plenty of chicken, you will increase the chance of getting a rare golden egg.

Activate a Scroll

This method does not help directly but ultimately provides you with the same benefits. So, if you have an inscription table or already you’re carrying scrolls, a wizard scroll can be crafted with 5 paper, 5 bottle deathmoths, and 5 purple pigments. Upon activating this scroll, it will turn resources into animals and also increase the number of chickens around you. This will eventually help you to get more chickens and with more chickens, you will increase the drop rate.

Get the Right Artefacts

There is a quest that you can find in the Desert Biome of Forager and that is Desert Princess. This NPC will give you 2 shorts quests where you have to provide royal clothing and flowers. Upon completion of these quests, you will be rewarded with a “Pink Bow” artefact.

The Pink Bow artefacts is another valuable artefact that increases the number of resources provided by animals by 25%. With this, the chicken will lay more eggs and thus increase the drop rate of this golden egg.

Feed Your Chickens More Resources

This method is easy as you have to feed your chicken more resources. Giving items to chickens for feeding will increase the drop rate of this Golden egg in Forager. Make sure you have more chickens and feed them enough resources. You can also feed the below resources to your chickens to increase the drop rate.

  • 4 Jelly
  • 4 Flowers

The above resources might increase the chances of getting this rare item. Along with feeding animals, you can also try to invest in building a shrine as these structures provide certain buffs. One of such buffs is “Hoarder” which causes an extra item to drop. This will also make your chicken drop more eggs, increasing the chance of getting this rare item.

Keep Patience

The last method is to keep patience. Basically, you just have to feed your chicken and take care of it and wait till the chicken lays the golden eggs. However, if you will be lucky then definitely end up getting this rare egg. So, try your luck by keeping patience.

What to do with Golden Eggs in Forager

With the golden egg that is an extremely rare item in the forager, you can use them to craft a demon wallet that will make coins with 125% more worth. Additionally, you can use it to complete the old man’s quest to reward you with a big chest.


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