Groovy Bot for Discord: Commands, Features and Guide

Groovy Bot
Groovy Bot

Being a moderator of a Discord server puts a bunch of tasks on your list. With the manual finishing off the task requires a lot of time and workload. While Discord gives the power to manage a Discord server it also gives you numerous tasks that you must do in order to make your community well organised and engaged. Here Groovy Bot will help you to make your community engaged.

Wondering, How?

Well, Groovy Bot is one of the most popular Discord Bot that is installed on millions of servers just to play music. Discord has some decent features like voice chat, text chat, streaming games, sharing media, etc. It also provides the features to invite Bots to your Discord server.

By inviting Discord bot, you will be able to utilize all the features of that bot in your discord server and make full use of it. While Discord is the best platform to start your community, you’ll also have to manage certain things on your server by being a moderator.

You have to keep your community spam-free. You also have to moderate every activity of your community members to make your server free from disputes and spam.

Groovy bot actually provides you with the features to play your favourite music. By inviting Groovy bot to your server, you can play songs of your as well as your friend’s choice so that they can remain engaged in your discord community.

Let’s discuss about Groovy Bots and its features to better understand all thing about this music bot

What is Groovy Bot

The Groovy bot is a music bot that is well known for the amazing features it provides. With the help of Discord Groovy Bot you can easily play your favourite track from different sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, twitch, etc directly into your server by just using the song name or its URL.

The groovy bot has been in the market for quite some time and added tons of new features including premium options. In the premium version, you will have lots of additional features. Some of the premium features are you can play music 24/7 without any interruption, also you can some cool sound effects and many more.

The premium subscription of Groovy Bot will charge you $3.99/month for one server or you can also purchase its yearly plan that will also save a few bucks. The yearly plan will cost you $39.99/year for one server.

It is one of the best and popular music bot for discord that does not require any tweaking or any kind of modifications. However, you can also remain stick with the free Groovy plan if you do not want some additional features.

So, now we will discuss some of the best features of the Groovy Discord bot that makes it more popular than any other Discord music bot.

Groovy Bot Features

Groovy music bot has tons of features. You can enjoy almost any song directly into your discord server. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the best features of the Groovy bot.

  • You can view lyrics while playing a song
  • It has both premium and free plan to choose that makes it flexible.
  • You can save any song to queue, play, pause and resume any song at any time while using the bot.
  • You can listen to your favourite tunes directly from other sources.
  • It has 24/7 support features that make it work seamlessly.
  • Other sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch and Spotify songs can be easily played directly into discord server.
  • You will get additional features like playing music 24/7, run the bot on more than one server, add sound effects in the Premium plan.

The above are some of the best features of the Groovy Discord bot. Now, if you are also interested to try this amazing music bot on your server. You have to know some of its commands.

Let’s explore some of the best Commands of Groovy Bot.

Groovy Bot Commands

There are several commands for this music bot. You just have to type the command to execute any action you want from this music bot. Have a look at some of its commands.

Make sure to use / as this has become the universal prefix of most of the bots.

  • /play: This command will help you to play your favourite tune directly from other sources. You just need to type this command and then enter the URL or song name.
  • /skip: You can skip the next song by using the skip command.
  • /lyrics: With this command, you can display lyrics of the current playing song.
  • /pause: This command will pause the playing tune.
  • /resume: With this command, you can resume the paused track.
  • /song: You can view the current song info with this command.
  • /search: This command will let you search for a specific song on youtube.
  • /perms view: It will let you view permission the currently set permission for a specified user that can access and play from Groovy.
  • /perms modify: With this command, you can allow certain members to access groovy or if someone has access you can easily remove the user from accessing it.
  • /announce: With this command, you can toggle the announcing of the current playing song in your discord server.

There are some premium plan also that can be only executable if you purchase its premium plan.

The above are the Commands for the Groovy Discord bot that you can use to make use of this music bot. So, after exploring the commands we will further discuss about how you can invite the Groovy bot into your Discord server.

So, let’s read further to know more.

How to Install Groovy Discord Bot

The installation process of the Discord Groovy bot is pretty straightforward. You do not have to be tech-savvy to invite this music bot to your discord server. Let’s have a quick look at the below-mentioned steps.

1. Open your browser and go to the Groovy Official website and then click on the “Add to Discord” button.

Click on Add to discord button on groovy bot

2. Then, log in with your ID and Password.

Now login with ID and password

3. After that, select the permission which you want to provide Groovy and then click the “Add Discord to” option and select your server from there. Now click on continue and then authorize to proceed further.

Click on continue in Groovy bot

4. Now, verify the captcha and that’s it. The bot will get installed on your server.

Now, start using the best music bot and make your server engaged with audiences while playing their favourite tunes into your server.


As you have now understood all the details about the Groovy Discord bot including its features, commands and installation process. Now, you can invite Groovy Discord bot into your Discord server to play music from popular sources like Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch and Spotify.

When it comes to choosing the best music bot for discord it becomes hard to choose the nicest one. But after using Groovy you may feel it is the best discord music bot.