How to Craft a Fence in Minecraft: A Detailed Guide

Minecraft Fences
Minecraft Fences

Fence in Minecraft is one of the first and foremost things that you can craft when you begin the journey in the game. Fences were added on the 0.2.0 version of Minecraft Java Edition, being an important item for farming and agriculture.

There are 8 different styles of Fences available that you can craft in Minecraft. With a fence, you can make a trap for mobs so that they cannot jump over the fences, and thus you can protect your farming area.

So, this guide will help you to know all the aspects of fences including what it is and How to craft Fences in Minecraft.

Let’s have a quick look at the Fences in Minecraft.

What are the Uses of Fences in Minecraft

Fences are the common item that is useful to enclose or to trap the mobs. This is because some mobs can damage your farming area and this can prevent them from jumping over the fences to enter your agricultural area.

With the help of fences, you can easily continue breeding animals and farming as Fences will mostly protect your area from mobs.

As there are 8 different designs and types of Fences, you can craft any of them for your convenient use. The types of Fences are:

  • Oak Fence
  • Birch Fence
  • Jungle Fence
  • Acacia Fence
  • Dark Oak Fence
  • Spruce Fence
  • Nether Brick Fence
  • Warped Fence

The above Fences in Minecraft comes in different designs featuring different colours. These fences play the same role as normal fences.

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With Fences, only Horse mobs can jump over the fence without a jump boost effect. Otherwise, no other mobs can jump over that without using a Jump booster.

Required Materials to Craft a Fence in Minecraft

In order to Craft a Fence, you only need two items. They are:

  • 2 Wood Planks (any type)
  • 4 Sticks

You can easily craft wooden planks with the help of any type of wood. Just place them on a 2×2 crafting table and you will get 4 wooden planks easily.

And to craft Sticks, you’ll have to use 2 wooden planks on a crafting table and you will get 4 sticks from there.

So, after getting the above items, you are ready to know how to make a fence in Minecraft.

How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

The crafting process of Fence is pretty easy. All you have to do is to follow the below guide to make it.

1. Open the crafting table with a 3×3 grid.

Fences in Minecraft

2. Now place 4 sticks and 2 wooden planks same as the below image. However, you can do this by placing 1 stick in the second row of the first box, then 1 Wooden plank on the second box, and again 1 stick in the third box. Copy the second-row pattern in the third row as well. You can look at the above image to see how it looks.

3. After that your fence will be ready. Now drag it in your inventory to use it.

Now, if you want to use any other type of Fence like Acacia, Jungle, Oak, etc. You have to use the same fence wood. For example, if you want to craft a jungle Fence, you have to use jungle wood planks. Similarly, if you want to make Acacia Fence, you have to use Acacia Wooden planks.

Fences Gate in Minecrat

You can also make Fences Gate by adjoining fencing. Fences gates can be easily opened or closed by clicking on the gate. Each type of Fence has complementary fence gates. For example, Birch Fence can be used to make Birch fence gates. Similarly, Oak Fence can be used to craft Oak Fence gates.


Fences are the basic item that you must-have for your animals and farming area from passive mobs. Fences can be also used to make Fence gates that can be useful to enter and exit in the enclosed area of fences. You can also create carpet fences by placing a piece of carpet on the fence. This will help you to jump over the fence. However, you can also try some mods like Optifine and JEI to make your Minecrafting better.