How to Fix Discord Echo on Calls and Streaming

How to Fix Discord Echo
How to Fix Discord Echo

Discord is one of the best VoIP platforms that allows users to get connected with their favorite ones through the means of Voice calls, Text chatting, etc. It provides many other features that make it more popular. Discord offers the functionality to create servers and to manage those servers you can use Discord bots.

Some of the best bots that you can use for moderation purposes are Mee6 Bot, Carl Bot, Dyno Bot, etc. These bots allow you to make your Discord server spam-free and helps you in moderating all things by saving your lot of time.

You can also try some music bot that will make your community engaged. Some of these are Groovy Bot, Hydra Bot, etc. These bots will make your community engaged and fun by playing favorite songs from different platforms directly on your server.

Despite having this much of a feature there are some issues that can ruin your experience in Discord and Discord echo is one of such issues.

Whenever any users stream their game or get connected with other users, they start hearing their own voice and that feels so annoying when you listen to your voice more than others on call or while streaming. This is what echo feels when it starts echoing on Discord on Mobile, Windows, PC, etc.

While getting lots of complaints from Discord users about echo, they have tied up a partnership with Krisp, a noise suppression company.

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So, this guide will help you to know the reason for Echo in Discord and also provide the fix of Discord echo.

Let’s explore some of the common issues that can trigger the echo in Discord.

Why is Discord Echoing

There can be various reasons for various users but below are some of the most common issues that trigger the Discord Echoing. These are:

  • Noise suppression disabled
  • Mic can produce echo if it is near the surface that does not absorb sound
  • The volume of the speaker is too high that can also cause echo.

The above are some common reasons that cause microphone echo on Discord. So, in order to fix these issues, you have to follow some of the basic fixing methods of echo in Discord.

How to Fix Discord Echo on Windows

Discord Echo has been an annoying issue that everyone wants to get rid of. So, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Discord echo on Windows.

1. Go to Start Menu and Open Discord and join any voice channel

2. Now, on the bottom left corner, you will see a peculiar vertical line just beside the end call button. Simply, click on that.

3. After that, you will see the interface of Noise Suppression, just enable it by toggling. This will enable Noise Suppression by Krisp.

How to Fix Discord Echo on PC

To fix the echo in Discord on PC, you can follow the above steps. But if the problem still persists, then you can try the below method to fix the issue.

1. Open your control panel and click the Sound option.

2. You will present different tabs like Sounds, Playback, Communications. You just have to click on the Playback Tab.

3. From there, you have to ensure that the speaker device that you are using for Discord is set as “Default Device and “Default Communication Device.”

4. After that, go to the Recording tab and uncheck the box labeled as “Listen to this Device.” That’s it, restart your device now to make changes apply.

How to Discord Echo in Discord on Mobile

Discord echo on-call or stream can happen due to multiple reasons. But on mobile, there can be two reasons. One can be that your mic has some problems or does not support the jack of your mobile. So, it’s better to check with other headphones to make sure that your headphones are working fine.

If the problem still remains, you can try the below method to fix the Discord Echo on Mobile.

1. Open the Discord application on your mobile and click on your profile picture to open the setting menu.

2. In the setting menu, click on “Voice and Video.”

3. Now, find the Noise Suppression option to ensure that is enabled. After that, you can also try enabling the “Echo Cancellation” and after that restart your device to see if the echo in Discord problem is fixed.


With the above guide, you might have understood how to fix Discord Echo on any device. Make sure to enable the Noise Suppression option on all devices that you are using for calling and streaming on Discord. Now, you can have your call without an echo in Discord.