How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception Error in Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception error in Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception error in Minecraft

Minecraft has been a popular game for years and if you are one of those who is a die-hard fan of Minecraft game then you might have faced the issue of$annotatedconnectexception error in Minecraft.

Minecraft errors are really frustrating especially when you don’t understand the origin of the problem. There are some server errors that occur when you are trying to connect to the game server. However, you can fix those issues if that problem arises from your side.

Thousands of people are reporting the$annotatedconnectexception error in Minecraft and they are still confused about how to fix this server error. 

However, if you have also faced the Internal Exception: error then you can read this guide to know how to fix the Internal Exception: error in Minecraft

In order to fix the$annotatedconnectexception error you have to first understand how it occurs and what it is. So, let’s know more details about this server error.

What Kind of Error is$annotatedconnectexception

This error is a server issue that occurs when you try to establish a connection to the Minecraft server and it refuses to connect and shows a notification pop-up saying “$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information.”

This error is not for some or particular Minecraft players but this issue has been reported from almost all countries where Minecraft is played. As this error can occur for various reasons, players have to try every possible method to fix this issue.

This can be annoying as well as time-consuming. So, we have decided to conclude our research to know what factors can cause this server issue and what you can possibly do to fix this problem.

Which Factors Cause$annotatedconnectexception error in Minecraft

There can be tons of factors that cause the connection refused error but most of the players that encounter this issue have problems in some parts only. By looking at this matter, we have come up with 5 types of factors that are the reason for most of the server errors.

The factors that cause the connection refused error are as follows:

  • Firewall
  • IP (Internet Protocol) Error
  • Outdated Minecraft
  • Incompatible Software
  • Outdated Java

The above are the most common issues that trigger the connection refused error.

The best solutions that mostly work are resetting Internet and Network Configuration, adding IP Addresses and Port, Checking Port Forwarding, etc.

So, you can try the above solutions to fix the Connection Refused Error.

Now, coming back to$annotatedconnectexception fixing. We will now discuss how to fix this error.

How to Fix$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft

There is some basic solution that works in fixing this issue. However, there are some advanced solutions as well but we recommend you to give a try to the below basic methods for fixation of$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft.

  • Restart your computer and run the Minecraft game again.
  • Restart the Minecraft game on your computer to see if it fixes the problem.
  • Reboot your router and unplug it for a minute or two from your computer and then plugin it again. Now, open Minecraft again.

The above solution is easy and most of the time it works in solving the$annotatedconnectexception error. But if the above basic solution does not work for you then you can proceed further to try some advanced methods.

If it’s your server then you can try the Firewall permission setting to fix this server error. Below are the steps which you can try in fixing the Minecraft error.

Firewall Permission (someone else server)

Just follow the below steps to change firewall permission that will rectify this error from Minecraft.

  • Open your Windows, and go to the windows search bar and type “Windows Security” and select it.
  • Now, select the “Firewall & Network Protection” option.
  • On the next page click on “Allow an App through Firewall” then select “Change Setting” and lastly click on “Yes” on the prompt. This will help you in modifying the setting.
  • Now, look further down the page, there you will find the previous page as “Allow other Apps.”
  • Then you will be presented with the pop-up window displaying a “Browse” option, simply click on that and navigate to the folder of your Minecraft game and select “MinecraftLauncher” and click open.
  • Now, again repeat the above same step but this time select the “MinecraftServer” folder instead of Minecraft Launcher. In the Minecraft Server folder, select both Java executables files and open it.
  • Then, again go to the “Change Setting” page mentioned on point three and scroll down on the list of allowed apps and find entries labeled as “Java (™) Platform SE Binary.” There you have to tag all the “private” checkmarks at the very least and “public” too. This will enable people to connect from outside our network.
  • That’s it. Simply start Minecraft again to see if the error has been fixed or not.

If the firewall modification does not work for you then you can try the other methods if you it’s your own server.

Port forwarding Your Network (own server)

If the server is yours and still you are having difficulties while connecting to the server, then you can try the port forwarding method.

  • Login to your router by going into the router admin page.
  • Navigate to “Portforwarding Option” also caller “Virtual Server” that usually remains in “Advance Setting.”
  • There you will get the page where you can enter the device, IP, Port, etc.
  • Fill in those details by looking at your computer info from the setting.
  • Just click apply button or save button.
  • That’s it. This will solve the issue of Minecraft. Start Minecraft again and now check if the problem has been fixed.


We hope the above-mentioned solution must have worked for you and you have successfully fixed the$annotatedconnectexception error in Minecraft. As we have mentioned that advanced methods are a bit complicated. So, it is best to try the basic methods before trying the advanced one.