How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light Issue

How to fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light
How to fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

The PS4 Controller is Yellow and does not turn to blue when plugged in, right! You are not the only one who is facing this bug. There are thousands of players who are getting the same issue as the light in PS4 does not turn to blue when plugged in. Since the Dualshock 4 has introduced the feature of flashing different lights in different situations, players are getting confused about the meaning of indicating light.

PS4 is one of the top consoles used for playing games. So, if you are also having trouble in finding the meaning of indicating lights from your PS4 then go through this post as it can help you in understanding the meaning of colours.

Console Indicators Light Meaning

Every light that is there in PS4 has certain meanings and these can help you in detecting the problem on your PS4 also. So, below are the meanings of different lights in PS4.

  • Blinking Orange Light: This represents the system is in rest mode and after a few seconds it turns to orange. These colours indicate that the system can charge controllers, download and install the content. However, this may appear Amber or Yellow color for certain users.
  • The White Light: This indicates that the system is on and working fine without any issue.
  • The Blue Light: It represents that the system is initiating connectivity and will show you a PlayStation logo on your screen.
  • The Red Light: This simply means that the system is overheating.

PS4 Controller Yellow light without blinking indicates that it is in rest mode. Also, it shows a blinking yellow light when the controller is in charging mode. So, now you might have understood every possible reason that can turn the yellow colour on in your PS4 Controller.

PS4 also provides the opportunity to change the colours. It means if you desire to make custom changes for PS4 Controller colours, you can easily do that and for this, you just have to create 4 different profiles on your PS4 and change the colour setting for every profile.

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However, you may also have the Yellow Light of death. So, we will now discuss how to fix that issue. But before that, we would like to tell you that there are certain games that can also change colours if your PS4.

Let’s discuss the meaning of Light Bar so that you can understand the meaning of flashing different lights.

PS4 Controller Meaning of Light Bars

  • Blue = Player 1
  • Red = Player 2
  • Green = Player 3
  • Pink = Player 4

There are several games that may change colour. Some of them are Fallout 4, Witcher 3, FIFA, etc. By playing these games, it is completely normal to change the colour of your controller. For example, in GTA V, the light indicator displays Green for Franklin Clinton Character, Yellow for Trevor Philips Character, and Blue for Michael De Santa. It also flashes red and blue colour light when the character is chased by the Police. So, this might have given you an idea about how the colour changes by changing the character also.

How to Fix the Yellow Light of a PS4 Controller

To fix the PS4 Controller Yellow light, you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. First of all, switch off your PS4 through the power button and then unplug the power cord from your PS4.

2. Now, plug a USB cable in your PS4 and get the controller with issues. Then click on the (Share) and (PS) buttons together on your controller.

3. After that, when your controller starts blinking then just plug in your PS4.

4. Now, switch on your PS4 by the power button. Then quickly plug the USB cable, which is connected to PS4 into the controller. Then start pressing the (PS) button and eventually it will get fixed.

So, the above steps will solve the Yellow PS4 Controller Yellow Light issue.

How to Fix PS4 Controller that is Flashing Constantly

If you are facing the issue of light that keeps blinking then the below method will help in fixing this issue. Just follow the below methods to check which one works for you.

1. Checking USB Cable

Well, this method also helped thousands of users in solving flashing issues. The first step is to check whether your USB cable is working fine or not. As this is the basic step, you should not ignore the primary step before proceeding to other methods.

If your USB cable has any trouble then you should buy an original licensed power cable for the PS4 controller as that will be definitely compatible with the Controller.

2. Reset PS4 Controller

You can also reset the PS4 Controller by turning over the Controller. You will see a button there, simply press that button by using any pin or sim card opener. Press the button for at least 5 seconds and then reconnect your Dualshock 4.

3. Start PS4 in Safe Mode

Starting your PS4 in safe mode can also help in solving this issue. In order to boot in safe mode, just switch off the PS4 and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds and leave when you hear the two beep sounds. After that connect it with your Dualshock with the help of a USB cable. Then, simply press the (PS) button.

This will boot your PS4 in safe mode and most of the time, it solves the issue. However, it is the best idea to try all the aforementioned methods as this will increase the chance of fixing the PS4 Controller that keeps flashing.


This guide will definitely fix the PS4 Yellow light issue as well as the light keeps flashing in the PS4 problem. You just have to follow the mentioned steps carefully and that will eventually solve the problem.