How to Ping a Phone | 5 Best Methods to Find its Location in 2022

How to ping a cell phone
How to ping a cell phone

With the development of technology, people are expecting more advancement and privacy of their personal information. Nowadays, everyone is using cell phones and also stores personal credentials on their mobile phones. But what if you wanted to ping a phone to locate it from anywhere.

But if you don’t know about pinging let me help you to explore about How to ping a phone to find its location.

What is Pinging a Phone Means

Ping a Phone simply refers to the process of finding the location of the cell phone. Every single device comes with GPS installed in it. So, whenever you ping a phone it sends the data of locations throughout longitude and latitude to the person who pings.

Mobile phones mainly use cell towers for determining the GPS location but there are some spy apps as well that can be installed in any device to get its exact location.

Pinging mainly helps those who lost their cell phones and wanted to get their location. The cybercrime department also uses this technology to find criminals. However, they have different software that is only made by a private group of people and also accessible to some high profile people.

Why do you need to Ping a Phone

Pinging a phone can help you to track the location of your mobile phone through GPS. Parents can also keep track of the location of their children by pinging their phones. This method is also used to keep an eye on criminals.

Furthermore, this technology is also used by Spy software that can keep track of cell phone location. As pinging a phone mainly used by common peoples to locate their Android or iPhone. For this, we have found the 6 best methods to ping a phone and find its location.

Let’s explore the Top 6 methods to find mobile phone locations through pinging.

Best 5 Methods of Pinging a Phone to Find its Location

If you are still reading this then you definitely want the methods of pinging a phone. We have compiled this list of Top 5 methods that can help you to locate your Android or iOS.

1. Find My Phone

This method is the easiest and simplest method that can help you to locate your Android. As this software uses the inbuilt mechanism of Android, you do not have to worry about enabling GPS. Android comes with inbuilt software named “Find My Phone.” Similarly, the iPhone also comes with default software named “Find My iPhone.” Both the software plays a major role in locating a device. So just follow the below steps to use this feature.

or, iPhone users can go to this websites and enter their Cloud ID.

  • Now, sign in with the same Gmail ID that you have used on your lost device.
  • Then you will see your device, simply click on locate button that will show the last location recorded by your device.

2. Glympse

You might be wondering about locating a phone through phone number possibilities. Then this application can help you in these matters if you are looking for a free phone number locator tool. Glympse comes with several features including a location tracker through mobile number and is available for android. But you need to set it up before losing your phone. So, to protect your device in future, you can do this now. Just follow some instructions below.

  • Open PlayStore and Download Glympse Application.
  • After that, just enter the mobile number of your parents or any trusted friends to whom you want to share the location of this device.
  • After that, that mobile will receive a link where they can access your live location.

So, you have to make arrangements for this and once you make pre-arrangements, you can track your device location in future easily. As this mobile number locator tool is free, you do not have to pay a single penny for using this.

3. Ping a Phone through Computer

This is another simplest where you do not have to do many technical things. But these methods require a computer. With the help of this method, you can ping a cell phone from a computer and track its location. So, just follow the below guide to locating a device through a computer. This method also requires some pre-arrangements.

  • Open your Android device and go to the setting.
  • Now, find About Phone and click on it and then tap on status.
  • On the status menu, you will find your IP Address. Just note down the address. It will be something like
  • Now open your computer and open Command Prompt (CMD).
  • After opening the CMD window, just type Ping followed by the IP Address of that Android which you want to locate.

4. Spy Apps

This method is not recommended primarily as this is a bit risky for your privacy. There are thousands of spy apps that claim to track phone numbers and even provide every possible detail from the victim’s mobile. Most of the spy apps work in stealth mode that means after installing any device it gets hidden and works in the background. So, let’s know the procedure of this method.

  • You can download any spy apps from the Internet as most of them require cash.
  • After installing, just sign up.
  • Now, they will ask you to install the same application on the targeted device. So you have to install it on that device which you want to keep track of.
  • After installing, the application will ask you to enter the information that you signed up for. As this is the verification step, you must have to do this.
  • That’s it. It will start running in the background and if you lose that particular device, you can easily track its location.

5. Phone’s Carrier

This method is exceptional. As you have to manually contact your network provider to ping your phone. They will first verify your details and after successful verification, they will help you to ping your phone by finding its location. Every device uses carriers (Sim Card) for calling or using the Internet.

The carrier that we use can track our location easily. So in case, if you forgot or lost your device you can easily find it through your mobile number.

The above are some of the best-handpicked methods that we recommend if you are searching for the “ping my phone” method. Make sure you pre-arranged for the future. As most of them required it.


Pinging a phone is not too complex. This guide will definitely have solved your queries regarding how to track a cell phone online or how to find someone’s location by cell phone number. The above methods will help you to ping your Android or iOS easily.