Hydra Bot for Discord: Commands, Features and Guide

Hydra Bot
Hydra Bot

Discord comes with several bots to give the best experience to its users. This platform has taken rapid growth in terms of popularity and fame. Discord is a VoIP (Voice Internet Protocol) platform where users can have voice chat as well as text chat. They even get the option to share media files. But the feature of Discord is not limited to chatting but also has several other functions.

One of the best things about Discord is that it has the option to create your own community where you can become the moderator and grow your community by providing the best user experience to the users.

The growth of the Discord platform is mainly due to the feature of the Discord server. Around thousands of people are joining discord daily and increasing the popularity of this application.

But creating a community is not as easy as it seems unless you give your maximum time to make your community manageable with rules and regulations. But Discord also cares about their users and introduced the feature to invite bots to manage your work.

For managing a Discord you need the best moderation bot. And for that, we have already prepared the guide on Carl Bot and Dyno Bot which are the best moderation bot among all. So you can go with any of these.

But having a moderation bot does not really help your community to grow. You must require something interesting that can attract users to take active participation in your server and for that, you need a bot that can help you in these.

Here comes the Hydra Bot which is one of the coolest and perfect music bots for Discord. This discord bot will help you to play any music directly within the server. However, you can also use Groovy Bot which is one of the most popular music bots for discord.

Now, let’s have a look at Hydra Discord Bot.

What is Hydra Bot

Hydra bot is a perfect music bot with a feature-rich dashboard. This bot has a user-friendly dashboard as well which makes it even easier to use. With the help of the Hydra bot, you can play any music directly within the server from sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Hydra bot is a multilingual bot that supports 10+ languages. So, if you do not feel comfortable with English or you want to use this bot in your native language you can easily do so by just switching the language. Some of the languages that you can use this bot on are French, Polish, Chinese, Russian, English, etc.

It also comes with a premium plan that will cost $1.99/month for one user. And if you want to go with the annual subscription you can do so and that will only charge you $19.99/year for one premium user.

Hydra bot also offers a discount of 50% for 3 months if you join its popular premium plan. So if you are planning to use the premium version you can grab the offer as well.

But if you have a good budget and a popular server you can try the “Server Premium Plan” that includes so many premium features. Some of the best features of the server premium plan are Global control volume, 24/7 playback, audio effects, Access to more Hydra bots, unlimited saved playlist, etc.

Let’s have a look at Hydra Bot features.

Hydra Bot Features

There are tons of features of this perfect music bot for discord but we are going to mention some of the best notable features so that you can know about its characteristics.

  • It has a feature-rich, easy navigation and intuitive web dashboard with Hydra music bot.
  • You can play music directly within the server to make your community engaged.
  • The sources from which you can play tracks are Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Spotify, etc.
  • It has 10+ different language supports which means it is a multilingual bot.
  • It has more commands to perform and with more commands, you can get more features than an average music bot has.
  • When you set up the Hydra custom player You can easily control this bot from a unique song request.
  • It has a web dashboard that means you can get all the command list and features directly into your dashboard. So you don’t have to remember the command.
  • With Premium Hydra you can even access many more features like 24/7 playback.
  • You can also apply several audio effects on Hydra while playing music in the premium plan.
  • If you own a large server you can invite more than one Hydra bot so that everyone can listen to their favourite tracks without any disturbance.

The above are some of the best features of the Hydra Discord Bot. However, the best feature that you can take advantage of is that you can actually have access to other Hydra bots in a premium plan. With Hydra premium, you can invite Hydra bot 2, Hydra Bot 3, and Hydra Staging Bot to your server. These bots will also ease your work by providing many more features.

So, now, we will further discuss some of the basic commands of Hydra Bot.

Hydra Bot Commands

Hydra Discord Bot has too many commands but don’t worry you did not have to remember all the commands because the web dashboard feature of this bot will help you to look up any command directly from the dashboard itself. So let’s have a look at some of its basic commands and their purposes.

  • lyrics: Shows the lyrics of the current playing song.
  • play: With this command, you can play your favourite track just by entering the name or URL of  the song.
  • songinfo: This command will help you to know the info of the current song.
  • loop song: Create a loop of the current playing song.
  • move: This command will move the selected song to the top of the queue.
  • pause: Pause the current playing track.
  • replay: Replay the current track.
  • resume: This command will resume the paused song.
  • shuffle: Shuffle the queue.
  • announce: Toggle the announcement on/off for the current playing song.
  • ban: This command will help you to ban any user from accessing the bot.
  • language list: Shows all the available list of languages.
  • unban: Unban the previously banned user from accessing the bot.
  • 24/7: This is a premium command that you can only access if you purchase the premium plan. It will help you to toggle the bot to stay 24/7 in the voice channel.
  • Speed: This is also a premium and by this you can speed up the current playing track.

So, the above are some basic commands of the Discord Hydra bot. And now we will know about how to invite Hydra bot to your discord server.

Let’s have a look at the installation process of Hydra.

How to Set Up and Install Hydra Bot to the Discord Server

Installing the Hydra Bot is not too difficult. You just need to follow the below-given steps.

1. Open your Browser and go to the Official Hydra Bot page and click on the “Invite” option.

Click invite Hydra Bot

2. Then log in your ID and Password.

Click login

3. Now give the necessary permission to and click on “Add Bot to” and select your server from the list. After that click on continue and then authorize button to proceed further.

Select server to invite hydra Bot

4. Now, solve the captcha. And finally, you have invited the Hydra bot to your discord server.

The setup process is definitely so simple. But if you want to invite other Hydra bots like Hydra Bot 2, Hydra Bot 3, and Hydra Staging Bot then you have to go with the premium plan.


Hydra bot has been termed as the perfect music bot for discord. As it has many more features and commands that aren’t available on most of the music bots. But for engaging a community music is not enough. And for making your conversation spicy you can try the Best Funny TTS Sounds that will surely make everyone laugh on your server.